F1’s new team for 2008: Force India

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Spyker is set to be renamed Force India next year pending approval from the World Motor Sports Council. Bernie Ecclestone has already approved the move.

The team’s new owner Vijay Mallya wants to re-brand the team, giving it its fourth name in as many years. It will continue to be based near Silverstone circuit in the UK.

Indian drivers Karun Chandok (GP2) and Narain Karthikeyan (Williams F1 tester) have been linked to drives with the team.

It is not the first time a team has been used the name of a nation. Past examples include British Racing Motors, British Racing Partnership, British American Racing, Ecurie Nationale Belge and English Racing Automobiles.

Photo: Spyker / Egmond

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6 comments on “F1’s new team for 2008: Force India”

  1. Is this team ever going to stop changing its name?

  2. Surely they wouldn’t give up Sutil, would they? I can understand wanting an all Indian line-up. But still, Sutil is clearly a good driver. Why would any team want to give him up?

  3. Force India will stop changing its name when it stops changing owners. Hopefully that means now. And while Sutil is by far the most likely driver to have a race seat there in 2008 (he’s got a contract, for a start), it is far from clear whether Sakon Yamamoto will take the other seat. And then there’s the question of who will help Roldan Rodruigez test…

  4. It’s very amusing to see a driver of the caliber of Narain Kartyken being side-tracked by an Indian F1 Team.

  5. F1 / india initiative , Mr Malya has created a scene where there is no precidence , its shear / total enjoyment for the youth of tommorow , desperately wanting to witness F1 in INDIA / who else has the accumen and the vision except VJ Malya ? Well done Sir , Indeed its abusiness venture , but what a thought .

  6. At last India witnessed a buzz that everyone was waiting for ? I am sure the chills of the racing vibrations are still felt in the back bones of the racing enthusiasts ? The best part was that the Driving aces , Vettell , Bentton , alanso and offcourse , Hamilton all enjoyed the circuit and also Indian hospitality , ? I bet it was certainly diff than the rest of the World ? I was more concerned in case if they got Dehli / Beli ? it would have been serious ?
    Anyway Folks waite for the next race / hope you enjoyed Hamilton win at Abu Dhabi , superb , Just waite and see what happens at Brazil ? it should be fun , Raj K Thapar – London

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