F1 in the news 56: Jackie Stewart interview

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I interviewed Sir Jackie Stewart for Auto Trader this week – read the full article below.

Also in the F1 news Michael Schumacher took the Ferrari F2007 for a spin, Christian Klien and Vitaly Petrov are after 2008 seats, and Bernie Ecclestone still wants a Grand Prix of London…

Jackie Stewart: ‘Hamilton should have won’ – Jackie Stewart on racing the old N??rburgring, running Stewart GP, and living with dyslexia.

Petrov waiting for right opportunity – Russian GP2 racer wants F1 shot.

Hamilton race draws 10.4m viewers – Massive home support for Lewis Hamilton.

Schumacher in the F2007 for the first time – Could the German have won an eighth championship in the car?

The FIA World Council – Engine rules to be frozen for ten years.

Klien aiming to race in 2008 – Honda tester and former Red Bull racer wants to get back where the action is.

Bernie: London GP still a possibility – F1 tycoon still wants a race around the streets of the British capital.

Bourdais expects TC ban to help him – Four-times Champ Car champion not bothered about next year’s traction control ban.

BRDC Gold Star for Hamilton – Small consolation for the defeated rookie.

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13 comments on “F1 in the news 56: Jackie Stewart interview”

  1. Jackie Stewart, you retired years ago. Your opinion is expressed far too often for my liking in todays modern sport! That would be my opinion!

  2. I have respect for Stewart,I would love to meet a REAL racer,it took a lot of courage to race back in the day when the safety equipment was worthless.

    Congrats on meeting a legend Keith,was this the first time you met Stewart?

  3. TommyBellingham
    27th October 2007, 12:08

    Hes on of the heroes of the sport. I dont see why people complain about how much involvement he has in the sport. Its because he still loves it! I like hearing from past heroes of the sport

  4. That was a very well-done interview – credit to both Jackie Stewart for giving such sensible answers, and to Keith for asking the right questions in the first place.

  5. good interview – understandbly given the pressure of time alloted – didnt get the chance to ask the question I sent about if he considered the F1 night race potentially a dangerous stunt and another possible waste of resources – just like the fuel burning lap ???

  6. I might agree that the night race may be a dangerous stunt, but that is on the organizers and FIA to work out. However why we have to start calling anything that uses energy a waste of resources ? there are so many football matches played every day at the floodlit stadiums and that is OK. But having one F1 race held at night is a waste resources …

    Keith, seems you have a typo there with Klien and Petrov, 2007 season is almost over :-)

  7. Fixed, thanks mate, and thanks to all of you who have complimented the interview…

  8. re: the penultimate line – “Using the same attention to detail he once applied to his cars, he wants to know my every thought about his memoirs.”

    out of interest, when he asked that, did he know about your book reviews on this site?

  9. No, he didn’t.

  10. Three cheers for Keith, a nice interview and no doubt a time was had. I met Jackie once……Watkins Glen, Oct 1973 hours after Francois Cervert was killed.
    Not much was said.

  11. Very good interview Kieth. I bet you wish you could have spent more time with him. He seems to be a very interesting person. Well Done

  12. Well, it’s good to see the vast majority who have commented J.S. are showing him the respect he deserves…. I know it’s been a few years since he drove in F1, but who would you want commenting on it, J.S. or Bernie E…???

  13. Congrats, Keith, on a fine interview. Jackie’s opinions have always meant a lot to me-he was, and still is, the complete Grand Prix champion.

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