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The sixth DVD in the Brunswick films collection tells the story of the odd 1975 season. Niki Lauda triumphed in a year that saw a spate of wet races and two events cut to half distance.

As ever the DVD is rich with fascinating material and the only problem is that there isn’t more of it.

This disc will be particularly interesting for Ferrari fans as it covers the first drivers’ and constructors’ title for the team under the stewardship of Luca di Montezemolo. Niki Lauda piloted Mauro Forghieri’s 312T to five wins and, with it, the title – the first for Ferrari since 1964.

But there’s plenty of other interest in a season that saw nine winners in 14 races and included the maiden victories of Carlos Pace at Interlagos, Jochen Mass at Montjuic Park and Vittorio Brambilla at the Osterreichring (their only wins) and James Hunt at Zandvoort.

The Montjuich Park race is another famous and dark episode in the sport’s history. Threatened by cancellation because of unsatisfactory safety conditions, the drivers eventually race but Rolf Stommelen’s crash killed four spectators.

Also appearing in the film is Lella Lombardi,who in that race because them only woman to score a world championship point. Indeed it was half a point, as the race was stopped early.

The film captures all of these moments along with some very interesting other clips – including an on-board clip with Emerson Fittipaldi at Monaco and the drivers being lectured on safety procedures at Silverstone (Mass monkeying around behind Fittipaldi). Hunt gesticulating at Patrick Depailler after colliding with him in Monte-Carlo is another highlight.

Every round is covered with a single exception – the season finale at Watkins Glen which came after Lauda had won the championship. The only other significant omission is the very brief attention paid to the death of Mark Donohue in practice at the Osterreichring.

Otherwise this is an excellent video and a worthy continuation of the series.

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