Your questions: McLaren’s numbers in 2008?

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Richard C wrote in to ask:

Can you clarify – as a result of McLaren being barred from this years championship what numbers will they be allocated next year?

And which garages will they be allocated?

Read on for the answer.

Had Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso won the world championship this year, McLaren would have had car numbers 1 and 2 in 2008, for the first time since 2000.

But as that hasn’t happened (appeal permitting) McLaren will instead have their highest numbers pairing since 1990.

Having been stripped of their constructors’ championship points, which determines what numbers they use, McLaren ended the year last and so would expect to take over Super Aguri’s 2007 numbers 22 and 23.

If Prodrive do race next year then as a new team they will probably have to use higher numbers – 24 and 25.

In 1990 McLaren used numbers 27 and 28. This was before the days when championship position determined car numbers for the following year. In 1989 McLaren driver Alain Prost won the world championship, then moved to Ferrari meaning the Italian team used numbers 1 and 2, so McLaren took over their usual numbers of 27 and 28.

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7 comments on “Your questions: McLaren’s numbers in 2008?”

  1. And the garages? Will they be stuck at the opposite end of the pitlane to usual – will their Media Centre even fit down there?!

  2. Craig – yes, they’ll be stuck there. No, their Media Center won’t fit there, unless it goes through some serious downsizing…

  3. I guess all Max needs to add now, are the trash hips and discarded car parts to complete the setting

  4. well no wonder that earlier this week that the head of fiat/ferrari said he was well pleased with max’s running of the fia – but he also said that unlike others max hadn’t got rich ? – why did he move too monte carlo then ? – it’s not cheap there

  5. Hi, well McLaren could build their moto-town higher with more floors. Lets say 5 floors

  6. They could, but since there’s a height limit for motor homes in the paddock (as well as length and width rules), the floors would have to be pretty short. Maybe they can dig out their 5-year-old McLaren Communications Centre? That might fit…

  7. Im sorry, did u not count 2007? If you had said ‘The first time mclaren won the previous championship so earned the number 1 and 2 for the first time since 2000’ then it would work. Sorry for sounding like a **** but i was making my point :)

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