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F1 Fanatic is now ranked in the UK’s Top 100 blogs by traffic tracker Blogstorm.

The list is based on traffic and links to the site, and F1 Fanatic currently ranks in the mid-60s, making it one of the most popular sports sites.

Of course, F1 Fanatic enjoys a very broad international audience. British readers are the largest individual group – they accounted for 39% of users in the first 30 days of October. A big thanks them and to the 61% of you outside of the UK who have helped make the site so successful.

I hope you continue to visit the site during the off-season. I certainly won’t be lifting by foot from the pedal as we have the F1 Fanatic 2007 season review running over the next few weeks plus plenty of the usual features plus some special material to help you survive the off-season drag…

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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18 comments on “F1 Fanatic in UK’s top 100 blogs”

  1. No surpise at all Keith. Your site is excellent, It is relevant, up to date, topical, humorous and … yeah, it’s cool!
    Credit to YOU mate.

  2. Yeah, its no surprise this blog ranked so high. This is the first place I go to for Formula One reviews and latest info.

    I’ll still be using this site throughout the winter break too.

    Well done to you, Keith!

  3. It is a good site and I enjoy reading the somtimes very heated debates/arguments? – and the odd chip in by Keith to warn not too slag certain people!! – or the spammer will get you

  4. Brilliant job, Keith! You have here some the best articles on F1 online. The discussions can be heated, but they’re always great. Hope you keep it up! :)

  5. Congratulations, Keith, on getting the highest-rated F1 blog in the UK. Keep up the good work and let’s all enjoy another year of contributing to this site :)

  6. No surprises there, then. Well done, Keith! :D

  7. Congrats keith! I’m a newcomer, I’ve been reading you for a couple of weeks now, but I must say that this is a great blog. I like the way you analise things. Keep it up!

  8. This is down to Hamilton – let’s get it clear. I only became interested in F1 because of him, as is the case for millions of other around the world.

  9. Let me add in to the congratulations. Hopefully, this will make you invest in some new servers that can handle a larger load of traffic. The site seemed to have crashed every race day.

  10. Sam you’ll be pleased to hear the new server is already paid for and I’m in the process of moving everything! Thanks to everyone else :-)

  11. Yes: well done on the site Keith. It’s got some of the best articles of any of the sites out there, and I also like the ones were you collate good video footage from Youtube. A really professional blog.

  12. Congrats from Mexico City, this is a great site and with imparciality… Cheers!!!

  13. I knew this was the best F1 site,Keith is always on top of things and the people that visit this site are sharp and to the point,glad it is part of my day.


    Wesley Atlanta,Georgia U.S.A.

  14. I reached this site earlier in the year by chance and have since then visited every time I’m on the web. I’ve never been a big fan of blogs, but F1fanatic shows how it should be done, F1 or not.

    I will definately continue visiting throughout the off season.

    Congratulations Keith, and good job!

  15. Well, of course you are. Congratulations.

  16. Keith, a little help please…..
    some of the other sites really are ****, you’re a diamond among the coal. How did you get nominated with such a ‘diverse’ field of sites?

  17. I second that, Number 38! :)

  18. Each to their own I guess. I don’t know anything at all about the NFL or baseball so I can’t really comment on their sites, but I’ve had a couple of emails off the guys at one of the sites and they seem a decent bunch.

    Interesting to see another British blog got nominated, which is actually run by one of the biggest regional newspapers over here.

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