F1 in the news 57: Hamilton effect boosts ITV

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New advertisers are flocking to Formula 1 as the Lewis Hamilton effects boosts TV audiences.

Meanwhile there’s more speculation over Fernando Alonso’s future – and Rubens Barrichello’s too.

Here’s this week’s top F1 stories.

Media monkey – Blunders for ITV and Radio 5 during season final.

BMW Sauber appoint new chief designer – Christoph Zimmerman joins the team.

Bridgestone’s Hamashima reflects on the season – He reckons the ‘two compounds’ rule made the racing more exciting. Apart from Takuma Sato passing Fernando Alonso at Montreal I can’t think when.

‘Hamilton effect’ drives up cost of F1 sponsorship – More money for ITV.

Rubython apologises for Whiting allegation – Former BusinessF1 editor apologises for false allegations over Simtek team.

Fitting climax to car wars – Martin Brundle thinks Lewis Hamilton should have played it safe.

Road and track for McLaren boys – Lewis Hamilton gets a street named after him while Fernando Alonso might get his own track.

Five reasons why Fernando Alonso and McLaren need to make up, and fast – Alonso set to switch teams for 2008.

Kovalainen admits talks with McLaren – Finnish driver could swap places with Alonso.

Ferrari eyes on Fernando Alonso – Could he form a Ferrari dream team with Kimi Raikkonen?

Melbourne reports more losses – Hard times for the Australian Grand Prix.

F1 a ruthless business says Wurz – Austrian turns his back on the sport.

‘Honda ready to dump Barrichello’ – The Brazilian could be out of F1 next year.

We’ll be watching McLaren, says Mosley – FIA President to ensure rigorous inspection of next year’s car. More from this interview here.

Niki Lauda’s 2007 season review – Thoughts from the three-times champion.

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2 comments on “F1 in the news 57: Hamilton effect boosts ITV”

  1. Did anyone see Hamilton on the MTV Music Awards last night? He prosented an award and then when asked if he could give a lift home to dave grohl he goes ‘do you like speed?’ haha and yes dave grohl took it that way too :D

  2. Now , that’s why ITV’s coverage has gone down the pan since Lewis Hamilton has proved his worth… :)

    One hopes ITV are content with being able to sell a slot at each GP to an advertiser for £690k and will get back to instructing their producers to put together a quality program once again.

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