F1 07 review: The year in debates p1/3

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A look back at some of the most popular debates on the site this year.

From the first part of the season, here’s what you had to say about Max Mosley, Ralf Schumacher, F1 safety and more.

And if you’ve got more to add, the debates are still open…

How many races does F1 need?

James B said:

Very simply F1 races needs to get in the 20s.

But Neeraj reckoned:

Having more races is always nice for us and that’s what most of us will always say. But increasing the number of races is not too viable an option. What F1 need is more in-depth coverage of the sport and the people associated with it.

Should F1 cars have cockpit covers?

Alexander Wurz and David Coulthard’s crash at Melbourne put the focus on safety once more. Chris summed up the mood of most respondents by saying:

If you cover the cockpits, it’s not really F1, is it?

Your verdict on Max Mosley

The FIA president always courts controversy. Here’s a small taste of what Number 38 had to say:

For a man who has spent so much of his life in and around F1. He seems to have a very poor concept of the ‘sport’, and certainly poor management skills… He has reduced F1 to little more than a spec class like GP2 or A1 Grand Prix. And now he’s concerned about the environment.

When did you start watching F1?

F1Fanatic readers proved to be a diverse bunch with some tuning in for the first time in the past few years, others have tales to tell from the ’50s!

Should Ralf Schumacher retire?

Massimo Valz Gris came out with one of my favourite comments this year:

He’s already retired. he just doesn’t know yet.

Are F1 races too long?

Flavio Briatore thinks F1 should be more like GP2 but many of you, like Robert McKay, disagreed:

I think Flavio is talking nonsense with this one, frankly. It works in GP2 mainly because (a) the cars are all equal, so it’s all about the drivers, and not who’s in the fastest package, and (b) the aerodynamics allows passing fairly easily, so starting 8th does not mean you cannot win.

Schumacher vs Montoya vs Villeneuve

Which one of 2006’s retirees would you bring back? Abhinav was one of many to cast his vote for Juan Pablo Montoya:

I would like to see JPM return as well mainly for the aggression and his moves in places one would usually think that overtaking is not possible.Oh and who can forget the team-mate wars.

Monaco Grand Prix vs Indy 500

Two classic races on the same day. Many said they were watching both but Sam wasn’t impressed by oval racing:

Indy 500 is about as difficult as driving a bumpercar at the county fair. No talent, no skill, it’s all about driving around in a big circle.

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5 comments on “F1 07 review: The year in debates p1/3”

  1. I have to disagree with the comment about the 500. Sure, Indy doesn’t take the skill of the Monaco GP, but let’s look at it from the racing perspective. While Monaco was a procession that put just about everyone to sleep, Indy had a big dice for the lead in the opening. Monte Carlo is more luxurious and impressive than Indiana, but there’s no doubt which had better racing last May.

  2. Love the Ralf comment :)

    and yes Indy500 is a very hard and long race, don’t underestimate it boys!!
    I try to watch it every year. It was a shame how it went down this year.

  3. Indeed,

    JMP had an amazing race there in ’99(?). Its on You tube somewhere… Anyone who doesn’t enjoy that either doesn’t have a pulse or is European.

  4. Yep you can find it here under ‘slipstreaming’. It’s spine-tingling stuff:

    Ten videos Max Mosley should watch

  5. I have to say I’m kind of annoyed at Sam’s Indy comment as well. Driving at 240mph takes a certain kind of skill, you know! Not to mention that the punishment for making a mistake at Indy is far greater than it is at Monaco, as the impacts at Indy are much more severe. And don’t forget that back in the day Indy was driver killer on par with the Nordschleife. Indy deserves respect!

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