F1 in the news 58: Everyone’s going green

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In the F1 news this week a look at F1’s steps towards a green future and the radical plan to freeze engine specifications for a decade.

Plus an intriguing new candidate joins the list of drivers vying for Fernando Alonso’s vacant seat at McLaren, Michael Schumacher goes bike racing and the Australian Grand Prix could be on the move.

Vroom, Vroom: Formula 1 Orders Teams to Go Green – F1 to showcase green alternatives.

Red Bull to auction two F1 cars – Silverstone-spec ‘Wings for Life’ cars covered in pictures of fans to go under the hammer in a special charity sale.

The case for Bruno Spengler – Why the Mercedes DTM driver could be a surprise candidate for the season alongside Hamilton.

Jarvis feels ready for F1 chance – British Formula Three racer Oliver Jarvis eyes F1 shot.

Stoner impressed as Schumacher wows fans on two wheels – Seven-times F1 champion Michael Schumacher laps within five seconds of pace on Moto GP bike – and he’s set to drive the Ferrari F2007 soon.

“Secret plan” to move Australian GP? – Melbourne Park’s losses prompt search for new venue.

Phillip Island would welcome F1 GP – The permanent track at Phillip Island is a candidate.

Hamilton welcomes traction control ban – Championship runner-up Lewis Hamilton joins Nico Rosberg in backing the move.

Cosworth unlikely to return says Stewart – Cosworth stalwart Sir Jackie Stewart reckons F1 has seen the last of the constructor whose engines raced for almost 40 years in the sport.

Toyota confirms agreement with GlockGP2 champion Timo Glock to leave BMW testing role for a seat at Toyota – but will he race?

James Allen’s verdict on Fernando Alonso leaving McLaren – Why Red Bull think having former champion Fernando Alonso would destabilise their team.

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  1. I have never been subjected to James Allen on the TV, so I’m not qualified to comment on his performance in that area – I only know what I hear. But that article on Red Bull and Alonso seems pretty sensible to me and that would confirm what I also hear – that Allen is a competent journalist. Nice to know that he has something to fall back on if all the criticism finally gets to ITV…

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