Michael Schumacher fastest on F1 test return

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Michael Schumacher returned to cast his shadow over the rest of the F1 field by topping the time sheets at the end of the first day’s testing in Barcelona.

Several 2007 racers were present including Heikki Kovalainen, David Coulthard, Nick Heidfeld, Robert Kubica, Kazuki Nakajima, Jarno Trulli, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Anthony Davidson.

A large part of the day’s activities involved running the cars without traction control as they will race in 2008.

Despite this Schumacher set the fastest time of the day, 0.2s quicker than Luca Badoer in the other Ferrari, and seven-tenths quicker than Pedro de la Rosa’s McLaren.

Schumacher’s competitive test will inevitably lead people to question why he doesn’t make a full racing return in 2008, although he has given no indication that he would do that.

Not everyone was impressed, however. Former Ferrari champion Niki Lauda said: “For me Schumacher’s test is nothing but advertising for Marlboro, just like his recent ride on a Ducati.” (Schumacher attender a Moto GP test last week where he lapped within five seconds of the top motorbike riders.)

Coulthard joked: “I think there is a guy called Michael. It looks as though he’s got a talent. He will make his way to F1…”

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17 comments on “Michael Schumacher fastest on F1 test return”

  1. Pretty impressive that Schumi is still the fastest.

  2. Unfortunately the ‘top four’ drivers weren’t there, but anyway it was a remarkable result…

  3. Are these tests done without Traction control then?

    The man had a year off, tested MotoGp bike last week, and showed his worth there, and now, topped the sheets in Barca. Would love to see him back in the fore front of motorsport, would be good if he could join Ross Brawn and turn Honda around too!

  5. Schummi – still has “it” – but even if the skill is there is the determination and discipline still there? – questions and more questions – but even though at times he was not my most popular of drivers – I could never say that he wasn’t commited – and the results are there in the record books!!!
    Michael with Honda though? – dont think so – but strange things happen!!

  6. Don’t know what Lauda is moaning about with Schumacher’s testing return. Didn’t Lauda retire and make a FULL RACING COMEBACK himself? Pot, meet kettle!

  7. Indeed – and who was it that sponsored him? Marlboro!

  8. So he knows what he is talking about afterall.

  9. Well, it’s been said before, Lauda is a certified halfling.


  10. I think Michael secretly spent all season on simulator :-)

    Seriously – did they already use the standard McLaren/Microsoft ECU in this test ? No mention of that anywhere. All the cars seem to have managed to start the engines though …

  11. All hail the king! All hail the king!

    Perhaps now, his detractors would perhaps admit, that this man, he was born to speed. I have held my belief as an ardent schumi fan, throughout years of British media’s hate campaigns against him(Processional races, dominating, unethical, blah-blah). He is fast. Period! He was fast enough to win 7 championships, 91 odd races, most number of points and various other records. I feel, if he was British, or driving a British car, recognition for him would have been much greater than accorded already by them.

    Now, they can all go back to write about their man-love for Hamilton. Could not care less. Kimi won the championship and Schumi is fast enough(and more than capable), even now, to get the job done. What was funnier was the fact a leading F1 magazine, F1Racing, they had lewis on cover, and his triumph and agonies. What? I thought, it was going to be a Kimi issue. About how he sneaked it past Hamilton and Alonso.

    I’am sorry i used a strong word as hate, with reference to British media. I do not regret it though. I think their (British media’s) man-love for Hamilton, has led them into spoiling it all for us.

    Thanks Keith, for your unbiased coverage.

  12. i’d love to see michael back in the driving seat!

    The reason being because i would like to see the battles between alonso, MS, LH, KR and maybe even massa. i wonder who would take massa if he was to leave Ferrari??? i like to think Mclaren.

  13. Bring back the legend. MS still cuts it, topping the Barca test on day one by a distance and by lunch on day 2 already comfortably quickest. I dont think any current F1 driver could live with him back in a Ferrari without electronic aids. Roll on title number 8 I say. Surely this guy is bored of sitting on a wall anyway, he was born to race!

  14. The lord himself fastest again today!

    Michael, please come back! I miss you, alot!

  15. I liked the quote,
    “It took me a bit of time, maybe two laps, and then I was back into the groove”

  16. Send Felipe to McLaren, Michael can come back to Ferrari and dominate the 2008 season with no electronic aids, as the other drivers don’t have anywhere near the experience without them that the German does.

    He can win his 8th World Title, carry on this time until he is physically unable and then we shall answer the time old questions such as ‘Is he quicker than Kimi?’ and ‘Can he still win with a team-mate that is allowed to beat him?’

    If the answers to this turn out to be yes, then no one will ever doubt again that he is the Greatest Formula 1 Driver EVER!!!

  17. Thanks for sharing

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