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Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, 2007 | Daimler ChryslerThe final selection of great debates from the 2007 season is below.

Read from a selection of hundreds of comments including thoughts on where Alonso will be next year, whether the best man won the title, and whether scandal ruined the 2007 championship.

F1 better since end of tyre war?

It was supposed to make the racing better, but did the arrival of ‘spec’ tyres in F1 really make the racing better? Paul Sainsbury said:

I hate tyre wars and I am glad to see the back of them is F1, even if the ??racing? is still non-existent.

Andrew added:

What we really need is an end to refuelling, let anyone buy whatever tyres they want provided they have to use them to pass on the track I don?t care.

Rubens Barrichello

He’s about to become F1’s most experienced driver. But are Rubens Barrichello’s better days behind him? Michael had this to say:

I don?t think it is an overstatement to say that he was the fastest team-mate Schumacher ever had. Ferrari don?t was money on slow drivers. I only wish they had given him a true shot at the title. It would have enhanced Michael?s reputation rather than diminish it if he had fought for and won it in a 50/50 garage like Williams.

2007 season spoiled by scandal?

Two spying scandals, strife at McLaren and endless wrangles in the stewards’ office – was the racing ruined by rows? Doctorvee thought not:

I know it?s not fashionable to say this, but in a way the politics is part of the fun of F1. The season wouldn?t be complete without the opportunity to give Max Mosley a kicking. It?s just that this year it?s been a bit more spectacular than in previous years (although I guess Indy 2005 is a close rival!).

But Alex thought the season a let-down:

I feel like this season I just keep getting kicked in the balls. It just doesn?t feel good.

Too wet to race?

After the controversial start to the Japanese Grand Prix – half an hour of which was spent behind the safety car – everyone was asking why the race didn’t start sooner. Rohan wasn’t happy:

It was absurd to start the race – the fact that Wurz was punted off from behind, with no way of telling who it was shows this. The drivers could barely see out of their own cockpits. We were very lucky that no-one was seriously hurt.

Where will you watch the last race?

One of the most popular debates of the year – no-one wanted to miss the season finale. Felipe (not Massa, we assume) wrote in from Brazil:

I could take a bus and go watch it on the track, since I live about 1 hour away from Interlagos, but then I’d miss the details, so, I’ll share the good old sofa with my father (another F1-addict) and we’ll root for a great race.

Did the best man win?

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari mediaMost people though Kimi Raikkonen a worthy champion. Even Another Lewis Fan who said:

I don?t feel too disappointed that lewis didn’t win (how long has Kimi been trying to do it?) but at least the Spaniard didn’t win! But lewis has had a phenomenal year can?t deny that he will have learnt a lot from this year and I can?t wait for March 16 2008. Lewis?s time will definitely come, Kimi won?t have that title for long!

Who will Alonso drive for in 2008?

After Fernando Alonso’s spectacular fall-out with McLaren, who will he drive for next year? Renault seem a strong bet, but it could be Red Bull or even Williams. Raging Bull had this to say:

I think he will only go to Renault or Williams if Heikki Kovalainen or Nico Rosberg leaves and he gets number one status. Both have a good chance in my mind. But my hot tip is on Alonso going to Red Bull and Webber unfortunately going to Renault (although i don?t think he will want to leave Red Bull). Renault will be a much safer bet next year than Red Bull though, but Red Bull have big things to come in the future, me thinks.

Most impressive moments in 2007

You named your highlights of the year. Loki picked Markus Winkelhock leading at the Nurburgring:

I think Markus Winkelhock leading the European Grand Prix in a Spyker, by a considerable margin at one point, is indicative of how strange and exciting that race was. In many ways, it?s representative of the ups and downs of the season.

Albeit the events are a one-off, nobody could take that moment from Markus Winkelhock – leading his debut race, at home, in horrible conditions, and what is deemed the most dismal car on the track. It was a team decision that got him there, and it didn?t last, but it was so refreshing just to behold.

Photos: Daimler | Ferrari media

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  1. Surely someone has to pat Sato on the back for that outside pass on Alonso at Montreal.

  2. Kimi is the right champion, he overcome a 17 points deficit in two races! and win more races tahn anyone. Any of the two pilots of McLaren could be shadowed by the spy-scandal… and lewis spoils a 17 points adventage, in two races…

  3. Number 38, Sato’s pass on Alonso in Montreal was in the ’07 Review Best Moments, which was more objective. :)

  4. About Rubens: I think Honda had the chance to sign other drivers. If they confirm Rubens, probably they know his real value and understand that it was all due to problems of the car.

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