F1 in the blogs 47: Brawn joins Honda

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Some interesting articles on Ross Brawn’s move to Honda this week, plus a few thoughts on the standardised ECUs being brought in for next year to allow a ban on traction control.

Plus a new Indian F1 driver goes testing and a non-interview with Max Mosley.

Ross Brawn and Honda – Thoughts on the former Ferrari technician’s arrival as technical director at Honda.

A bit of Fry and Brawn – A video interview with Ross Brawn and Nick Fry.

Schuey leads the way – Guess who’s back…

The ECU, the power behind the scenes – Renault’s blog gives some useful insight on the electronic control units. Interestingly the 2008 ‘spec’ unit is about one-third lighter than Renault’s previous system, but not quite as quick either.

Engine control by FIA – Is McLaren’s ownership of the companythat makes the ECUs a conflict of interests?

Chandhok completes first F1 test – Indian GP2 race winner test for Red Bull – and here’s some pictures of the test as well.

Good morning, Mr President – Max Mosley calls Alan Henry for a chat. Shame Mr Henry doesn’t want to share any of the details with his readers…

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3 comments on “F1 in the blogs 47: Brawn joins Honda”

  1. about the new ECU:
    It seems Renault is mainly worried about the fact that the system is basically the same used by McLaren this year, so Bob Bell think this will bring enormous advantage for the Woking-based team.

  2. Surely I thought that renault – would have had that info already since they had some? mclaren data already?? – no?

  3. Phil Mackareth arrived at Renault in September 2006; even if he’d brought the entire design specification and supporting documentation with him, it would only relate to the ECU from the year before last.

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