Timo Glock finally confirmed at Toyota for 2008

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Timo Glock has been confirmed as Jarno Trulli’s team mate at Toyota in 2008 following a lengthy dispute with BMW.

Glock, who won the GP2 championship this year, was BMW’s test driver and the Munich marque became involved in a tug-of-love for Glock’s services with Cologne-based Toyota.

The Contracts Recognition Board ruled last week that Glock could join Toyota.

Glock made his F1 debut with Jordan in 2004 and a temporary replacement for Giorgio Pantano. He scored on his debut at Montreal.

Since then he has raced in Champ Car before switching to GP2. He won the title after a season-long battle with Lucas di Grassi.

Glock continues the tradition of GP2 champions going straight into the following year, joining Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Top GP2 rookie Kazuki Nakajima made his F1 debut in the season finale for Williams, and will race for the team bext year.

Meanwhile BMW will hold a shoot-out for their 2008 test driver role between Estonian Marko Asmer (2007 British Formula Three champion), Germany’s Nico Hulkenberg (2007 F3 Masters winner) and possibly Robert Doornbos (2007 Champ Car rookie of the year).

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6 comments on “Timo Glock finally confirmed at Toyota for 2008”

  1. Saw both Asmer in Hulkenberg in Macau over the weekend. Hulkenberg did not impress much, but Asmer was pretty good … Theissen was reportedly following their Macau performaces closely (from a distance :-) )

    Good for Glock to be coming back to F1 in get a seat in an OK team, not way back down the grid.

  2. Not from a great distance, surely – Theiseen was on the podium after the second WTCC race when Andy Priaulx won the title (again).

  3. Oh, then he was closer than me :-) I was at Lisboa Corner and could not see that far, did not spot him …

  4. good luck too Glock – hopefully the 2008 car will be more competitive than last year’s and bring some closer racing as well

  5. Glock and Trulli should compliment each other well, with Trulli a good qualifier and Glock a good racer.
    Marko Asmer deserves a shot at F1, he’s been very good in F3 this season.

  6. He has looked promising, Asmer – going to do a feature on him soon.

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