Toyota reveal launch date for 2008 car

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Toyota’s new car will be unveiled on January 10th 2008.

I think we can all guess what the livery’s going to look like…

Toyota launch 2003

Red and white:

Toyota launch 2004

White and red:

Toyota launch 2005

Red and a whiter shade of pale:

Toyota launch 2006

Red and white (with ‘inspirational’ words):

Toyota launch 2007

Red (and white):

Come on Toyota, surprise us this time.

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11 comments on “Toyota reveal launch date for 2008 car”

  1. Predictability must be one of the pillars of the Toyota Way, I guess. But success in F1? Not so much.

  2. And let me guess… the 2008 Ferrari will be red. Sometimes ‘traditional’ color schemes are a good thing.

  3. I am looking forward to the Toyota launch as it will show that Toyota are a dynamic, forward thinking team with real ambitions to win F1 races and titles. Oh no wait…

  4. But have you forgotten, Journeyer, that this year’s Ferrari was a slightly darker shade of red? Massive difference, I know…

  5. It’s not just the livery though, the shape of Toyotas has always been pretty similar. Usually you can’t tell the difference between the previous year’s car.


  6. I know, I must admit I had to look at the file names to label those images.

  7. Toyota need to come up with a revolutionary chassis for 2008, or at least try to imitate what others have done, their designs are 4 years too old.

    A beautiful car isn’t necessarily fast, but a fast car is usually beautiful…or at least shapely. The Toyota is horrid with all its boxy appearance and radom winglets.

    With a budget, and experise like theirs, they still manage to be anonymous…would notice truly care if they were gone?

    On the plus side though, they got Glock for 2008. Trulli will certainly have to raise his game next season.

  8. Scootin and Nico – to Ferrari’s credit, while the color is basically the same, the decals aren’t, mostly due to Marlboro (they changed decals in 2005, then made a slight modification in 2006, then a much bigger modification this year). On the other hand, is there really any actual difference across all the Toyota liveries?

  9. to M Smith – Toyota at least have to imitate others? – pls no – if you are looking at the the mclaren review debate/slagging – presently still ongoing – you wouldn’t wish that on any other team !!

  10. All teams imitate each other – there’s nothing wrong with looking at something and creating your own design…it happens all the time. It’s when you have schematics and the like, or get caught with them at least, thats when it goes a bit down the drain!

    Apparently Toyota have started the 2008 car in January…although I have no idea when they usually start their development of next seasons car, or just how much this will actually mean considering other teams will probably do the same.

  11. As Adrian Newey said this week, it’s fair game if you got the information from memory (and probably with some logic too). It’s only cheating when you actually need to use other teams’ documents to get that information.

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