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I’ve just been updating some of the information on visiting F1 tracks and come across some interesting images on Google Maps.

You can see the Fuji Speedway as it was before Hermann Tilke got his hands on it, the Shanghai International Circuit under construction and a race going on at Monza

Fuji Speedway

At the time of writing this old photograph of the Fuji Speedway shows it in its previous incarnation, with the long, fast curve leading onto the distinctive start/finish straight.

Shanghai International Circuit

The Shanghai circuit appears to have been under construction when this picture was taken. You can make out what appears to be the foundation of the large columns that dominate the pits area. (Zoom in on the arrow to see it better)

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

There was a race or test session going on when the picture of Monza was taken. From the shape of the cars it looks like sports cars or touring cars. From the colours of the trailers it doesn’t seem to have been F1. You can even see spectators in the stadia. (Zoom in on the arrow to see it better)

If you’ve been to a Grand Prix this year please do leave some information about it in the going to a race guide. You can also see aerial maps of the other F1 circuits there.

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6 comments on “Interesting F1 circuit pictures on Google Maps”

  1. Just when F1 appears to be turning it’s back on Suzuka (temporarily), it’s now half-covered by a cloud on Google Earth! It’s like it’s being erased from our memories! Perhaps Bernie and Co. hired someone to photoshop the cloud in there? ;)

  2. I’ve created a map mashup showing the various circuits on the 2007 F1 Calendar. As you examine each circuit it displays Flickr Photos, Youtube videos and Wikipedia entries from the track.

    Check it out at

  3. I’ve been finding loads on Google Earth and adding them to my circuits pages with any information I can find (some pages are going through an update phase and may not display properly at the moment). Now I’m off to check out Rahul’s mashup – it sounds intriguing.

  4. Rahul-just checked out your site,It’s awesome-thanks for sharing.

  5. If you want to see photographs of the visit of Valencia Circuit

  6. I didn’t know that Monza had a golf course behind it… nor did I know that they use the old banked concrete section for a parking lot.

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