F1 in the blogs 48: Meeting Lewis Hamilton

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A few particularly interesting finds in the blogs this week including a Vodafone executive writing about meeting Lewis Hamilton and Karun Chandhok on his Red Bull test.

Plus loads of opinions on Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.

Read on for 30 stories from the world of F1 blogs.

My day with superstar Hamilton – A Vodafone executive writes about meeting Lewis Hamilton.

Say that one more time – McLaren saying one thing and doing the opposite.

More than just the loss of traction control – Renault – who’ve had a lot to say about the return of traction control – point out on their blog that the loss of electronically controlled engine braking will present an additional challenge for the drivers.

What were the biggest stories in racing of 2007? – Looking at F1, IRL and NASCAR.

Honda prospects – F1 Insight’s Clive regrets tipping Jenson Button for the 2007 title.

Formula One performance on the road – is it possible? – BlogF1 looks at the awesome Caparo T1.

Punctuality costs McLaren a championshipHad McLaren appealed on time, Lewis Hamilton might be champion now.

Fernando Alonso – where will he go? – The two-times champion is waiting to confirm where he’ll be next in 2008.

Winning by rook or by crook – A look at cheating in many sports including F1.

Are customer teams the way to go in F1? – Plans to allow customer chassis in 2008 appear to have been scuppered.

Describe each driver in one word – Continuing the game started here this week.

Okay… now I can talk about it… it’s official – A Kimi Raikkonen fan breaks their silence on the Finn’s first championship.

The end of a season – Jim Arroyo reckons it’s been a spectacular year.

F1 scandals can be good – F1’s many rows in 2007 may be generate more publicity for the sport.

Kimi wins… but 2006 will remain in memory – For some, even Raikkonen’s improbable championship win failed to overshadow Michael Schumacher’s race at Interlagos last year.

Glock gets Toyota seat – Toyota fans give Ralf Schumacher’s replacement Timo Glock the thumbs-up.

RBR test column – I know I posted some stuff on this last week but here’s Karun Chandhok’s own account of testing for Red Bull – very interesting reading.

Better late than never! – This fan who’s turned against McLaren revels in Raikkonen’s championship.

Cooke and Button have reasons to be cheerful – Ross Brawn to give Honda a badly needed boost.

Fernando Alonso… more a champion – Not impressed with the Spanish driver.

Is this the luckiest man in sport? – That’s right, it’s Lewis Hamilton again.

Annoyances pt. 2 – This blogger complains about ‘people aged under 30 doing autobiographies’, so no prizes for guessing this post is aimed at Lewis Hamilton.

India seems to be hooked to car raringIndia gets a Grand Prix in 2010, and F1 team Force India in 2008 and Karun Chandhok’s been testing for Red Bull – it’s getting the fever.

Monday Monday here again – Another objection to the sheer number of Lewis Hamilton biographies.

The motor sport year in the rear view mirror – This American site puts other racing before F1 but it does get a few mentions in this end-of-year wrap-up.

Montoya of the year – F1 driver turned NASCAR pedaller Juan Pablo Montoya gets Rookie of the Year prize.

Is Lewis your Great Briton of 2007? – Brits on Pole looks at the competition run by Morgan Stanley and the Daily Telegraph.

A look around the web and elsewhere – Top F1 blogger Brad Spurgeon picks some interesting F1 links (and no, I didn’t just pick it because he links to me…)

For Formula One lovers – lawn mower – This lawn mower in the style of a ’70s John Player Special Lotus is only an illustration, you can’t buy one for trimming the grass. Pity…

Formula One, the FIA and the whole fiasco – The string of accusations and counter-accusations in the various F1 scandals this year.

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