Best gifts for F1 fans: Toys (4/5)

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Whether you’re buying an F1 gift for a younger member of the family, or you’re just a child at heart, here are some suggestions for great present ideas.

This series has already covered F1 videos and DVDs, biographies, F1 annuals and other books.

Scalextric – modern sets

I’m a sucker for Scalextric and the range has a huge selection of modern F1 machinery to choose from.

Best of all has to be the Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton McLaren set – now you can re-create the epic rivalry of the season in your own living room. It doesn’t say whether it comes with accompanying Ron Dennis and Anthony Hamilton action figures, but remember if you lose it was only because McLaren are secretly favouring your team mate…

There’s a similar but much cheaper ‘micro’ set available for younger children too.

Scalextric models have improved in quality in recent years and the F1 cars in particular benefit from being crafted in metal, not the flimsy, fragile plastic I remember my old cars were made from. Cars from several top teams are available:

Scalextric – classic cars

Scalextric have also released a range of classic cars to coincide with their 50th birthday. The miniature replicas of cars like the gorgeous ‘sharknose’ Ferrari are almost too good to race.

Best of all, you can buy the 1976 Ferrari and McLaren of Niki Lauda and James Hunt together. Also below are the Cooper-Climax, Ferrari 156 and Vanwall.

Ferrari Lego

If they’d had Ferrari Lego when I was a kid there would have been nothing else on my Christmas list. My girlfriend even bought me one of the Ferrari F1 Lego models for Christmas last year and I got a wonderful nostalgic kick out of putting it together.

There are various Ferrari models at prices to suit all pockets:

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