Video: Schumacher and Raikkonen star in new Fiat ad

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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2007 | Ferrari MediaNot to be outdone by Mercedes’ ‘Anything you can do…’ advert with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton (oh, the irony) Ferrari owners Fiat have lined up Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen to advertise one of their new cars.

The pair who have eight world championships between them swap seats in the new Fiat Bravo T-Jet.

Check out the video below and try not to smirk at the unfortunate licence plate…

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Photo: Ferrari Media

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11 comments on “Video: Schumacher and Raikkonen star in new Fiat ad”

  1. Anyone have a translation?

    Still doesn’t beat the Mercedes Ad.

  2. Pretty lame in comparison, unless it transpires something really funny was said. Mercedes managed to make a great ad without the drivers exhanging any dialogue….
    In the self-evaluation section select a single technical skill and a single personal quality to analyse. State your current strengths/weaknesses in each and how you plan to develop them further.


    The only good ad done between Kimi and Schumi, I think, is the Jonny Walker one on the aircraft carrier (Kimi)…albeit having a somewhat tenuous link to the actual brand and point of the ad.

  3. sorry, part of my assignments been pasted into that reply!

  4. deary me who doing a management course then? – as for the ad – you would think some pretension to speed and airbags?? – wonder how much it cost compared to the mercedes?

  5. Thanks for that I’ve replaced the video in the post with it.

  6. i likes it. much better with the subtitles.

    obligatory ‘making of’ here:

  7. Is there a writer’s strike on over there, too? I think any of your readers could have written a much more engaging (and fun)ad. Still, I like the car. Gotta love Europe.

  8. Michael: You know, it only took FIAT 18 months to get this car from sketches on a drawing board to full production.
    Kimi: Really?
    Michael: Yes, they did all their critical testing on computers.
    Kimi: Uh-huh
    Michael: Usually manufacturers take about 4 years to design and build a completely new car then test it until they’re fully satisfied with its reliability.
    Kimi: …
    Michael: How many DNFs have you suffered due to mechanical failure?
    Kimi: Hmm…. you’d better drive.
    Michael: Great! I’ve got my roadside assistance card – I get a 10% discount now I’m a pensioner!
    Kimi: I know this great pub that’s just down the road…

  9. ade, that sounds like the ad script the FIAT people should have used :)

  10. FAG

    ha ha ha i am childish

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