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In the F1 news this week Kimi Raikkonen accidentally reveals the launch date of the 2008 Ferrari.

Plus speculation about Michael Schumacher’s rumoured return, the future of Prodrive’s entry into F1, Lewis Hamilton explains his aims in Formula 1 and Murray Walker makes a return to commentating.

Read on for a round up of 27 F1 news stories from this week.

Prodrive looking ahead – David Richards’ team will not be in Formula 1 in 2008, but could they return later?

Mosley can’t guarantee Prodrive entry in 2009 – Perhaps not…

Exclusive: Interview with Christian Klien – The young Austrian driver is looking for a way back into the sport.

BMW looks ahead and over its shoulder – New driving talent at BMW but could Volkswagen be looking at entering F1?

Hamilton targets Schumacher’s record – Lewis Hamilton wants to be an all-time great.

All very amusing… but – Did Giancarlo Fisichell’a manager Enrico Zanarini really write the rebuttal to Bernie Ecclestone that appeared on the Italian driver’s website?

Garage greats: Bob Dance – Interview with a famous F1 mechanic.

V8s looking at Singapore GP event – The Australian V8 Touring Car championship, which will be back at the 2008 Australian Grand Prix, is looking at supporting the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix too.

December decisions – More thoughts on the future of Fernando Alonso.

Massa gets married in Brazil – Felipe Massa ties the knot.

Mark Webber – Not awkward, just Australian – Interview with Red Bull’s Mark Webber.

Formula One’s new star stays grounded amid rise to the top – Interview with Lewis Hamilton as he eyes victory in the 2007 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

Fan power getting out of hand – I wrote an earlier article about the 120,000 Fernando Alonso fans who believe their countryman was cheated by McLaren this year. They’re still all wrong, only now there’s more of them.

Albers: There’s more than Formula 1 – Ex-Spyker driver Christijan Albers faces life outside F1.

Ralf unhappy? – Ex-Toyota driver Ralf Schumacher might be jealous that his former Jordan team mate Giancarlo Fisichella is getting more time in the Force India car in testing this week.

Priaulx rues Hamilton saturation – Three-times World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx (four times a champion in the same discipline) laments how little attention motorsport outside F1 gets.

Exclusive interview – Honda’s Ross Brawn – Former Ferrari man on the future of the Japanese team.

Murray to return to commentary box – F1 commentating legend Murray Walker to voice the Race of Champions commentary.

2008 in our sights already – the test team – The Renault staff working on development of the R28.

Schumacher: What if? – How might a return to F1 for Michael Schumacher work.

Exclusive interview: Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Bourdais – F1’s new French driver talks about the transition from Champ Car.

Raikkonen would welcome Alonso as team mate – But would both drivers really be happy with equal number one status at Ferrari?

Launch season – Kimi Raikkonen also let slip when the new 2008 Ferrari would be launched – January 7th. Keep up to date with F1 events using the F1 Fanatic calendar for Google.

Keynote statement by the FIA President – Watch video of Max Mosley’s speech at the Motor Sport Business Forum.

Lewis Hamilton joins greats in Hackney – F1 star Hamilton visits the Springfield Club, patronised by Sir Jackie Stewart.

Massa says more overtaking unlikely – Ferrari’s Felipe Massa not convinced by banning of traction control.

Photo: Ferrari Media

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  1. “Raikkonen would welcome Alonso as a teammate” and “Launch Season” link to the same page.

  2. Thanks for that I’ve fixed it now.

  3. Is it true that Ferrari launch their new car today (January 6, 2008) ?

  4. Yes, expecting pictures around 4pm British time hopefully. Afraid I won’t be able to post anything until a bit later than that as I’m painting a house today.

    For details on all the car launches that have been announced so far and other F1 dates have a look at the F1Fanatic Google Calendar.

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