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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Silverstone, 2007, 6 | DaimlerThe F1 blogs are buzzing with reaction to the Renault spy hearing and Lewis Hamilton’s appearance on Top Gear.

Read on for more on those topics plus the rumoured Mercedes’ B-team, wheel fairings, Kimi Raikkonen, and just what is the point of F1 anyway?

Rethinking open wheel racing – What is the point of Formula 1?

Formula One “might” return to Indy – American fans want their Grand Prix back.

Can New Delhi hold a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2010? – An Indian fan weighs up the pros and cons of an Indian Grand Prix.

I’ll leave the Bish ranting to Todd… – Another PR gaffe from McLaren.

Ferrari fans… grasping at straws – One writer thinks some fans are too quick to criticise McLaren.

Renault let off in F1 spying row – Is Fernando Alonso’s move to the team now a dead cert?

Wait… what? – Another fan is surprised by the absence of a punishment for Renault.

At least the FIA are consistent – A different reaction to the FIA verdict on Renault.

What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander – More on the McLaren-Renault spying investigation.

Wheel fairings and the FIA – Clive is pretty sure they’re movable aerodynamic devices.

Sir Chicken – Thoughts on the late Innes Ireland’s opinion of Jackie Stewart.

Alonso’s deafening silence – More thoughts on Fernando Alonso’s future.

Schumacher returning to F1 would be cool indeed – Lewis Hamilton wants Michael Schumacher back in F1.

Young pups faster than the old master – Schumacher wasn’t fastest in testing this time, but it’s not as if he was necessarily there to prove he could beat the others.

The Stig is still the champ… kind of – Hamilton failed to set a record time on Top Gear.

Hamilton does Blears better than Blears does Blears – Hamilton’s full range of PR skills were on display in his Top Gear interview.

Hanging with Hamilton – Thoughts on his appearance from the people who make the programme.

Walker’s words of wisdom – Murray Walker on how Lewis Hamilton will be viewed in the future.

Personality crisis – And does he really deserve to win Sports Personality of the Year?

Wish list for Santa – This blogger wants an end to the Champ Car/IRL split – too right! If you’re looking for some actual Christmas present ideas, read the F1 Fanatic gift guide.

Strictly no photography – Unusual picture of a crashed McLaren in a museum (thanks to Gonzalo for the tip).

Are Honda testing the limits of the rules? – Honda are using Super Aguri to squeeze in extra testing without exceeding the limit.

Because you are Kimi Raikkonen – The Raikkonen fans are still celebrating!

Kimi Mattias Raikkonen – More love for Raikkonen.

Swiss Blitz – Switzerland’s A1 Grand Prix and Champ Car star Neel Jani for Force India?

The Merc B-team is a load of bunk – Alan Henry, who often gets good information from McLaren, doesn’t believe HWA are about to become Mercedes’ new F1 team.

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  1. Rethinking open wheel racing – What is the point of Formula 1?

    The first link above:
    This is an excellent article.

  2. according to reports, alonso has just signed with renault on a 3 year contract for $70,000,000

  3. Thanks for adding me to the linkages, its nice to see I already got some coverage lol, although my comment was more of a general rant about Ferrari fans than anything else, I personally have nothing against Renault and I am glad they didn’t get punished.

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