F1 blogs review: Alonso vs Piquet and McLaren vs Renault

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This week F1 bloggers asked how Fernando Alonso will get on with Nelson Piquet Jnr – and why McLaren got punished ahead of Renault.

Plus a great video review of the F1 season and interview with Lewis Hamilton, and much more…

The 2007 Formula 1 season in 6minutes and 30 seconds – Excellent video review of the season. Watch it before it gets deleted.

Karting around the UK gets a boost thanks to Hamilton – More young drivers look at motor racing following Lewis Hamilton’s success in 2007.

I’m sorry I haven’t a clue – Video interview with Lewis Hamilton.

Meet the motorsport bloggers – part 1 – The blogger behind Rediscover Formula 1 talks to F1 Wolf.

F1 podcasts – do you listen to them? – A look at some of the top F1 MP3 shows.

Fernando Alonso chooses Nelsinho Piquet’s car – Will Alonso try to keep his new rookie team mate from competing with him?

The boy from Brazil – Top Gear blogger reckons Nelson Piquet is as good as Lewis Hamilton.

Just a bit confused – Why were McLaren punished but not Renault?

Long way to go for slicks – Bridgestone – The Japanese tyre manufacturers’ thoughts on the 2009 development slick tyres.

F1’s 18 races to remain on Swiss TV – Motor sport may be illegal in Switzerland but watching it on TV isn’t. Contrary to earlier reports F1 be screened in Switzerland in 2008.

Super Aguri on the brink – Future of the Japanese team is in doubt.

Eddie Jordan backs Force India – But former Jordan Grand Prix owner thinks the latest incarnation of his former team has more staying power than the last one. Or the one before that.

Rahal to drive a BMW F1 car – Graham Rahal, son of Indy Car star Bobby, will do a demonstration in a BMW F1 car in the team’s pit lane park. I still think the American fans would rather have a proper Grand Prix though.

When you try your best, but you don’t succeed – Thoughts on the future of Ralf Schumacher.

Hello Ralf? We’ve got an endorsement for you… – More thoughts on the future of Ralf Schumacher.

McLaren say “we’re sorry” – Alan Henry reckons it’s a “ritual humiliation”.

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  1. The video compilation is really cool. Thanks for finding it out !

    And thanks for the plug …

  2. I love that soft drink name – but how cruel to link it to Ralf! Give me a break, I’m trying to feel sorry for the guy… :D

  3. Red Bull have an F1 team, maybe Looza are on the way in.

  4. William Wilgus
    16th December 2007, 1:31

    Video review of the season? Hardly—a montage if anything.

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