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In the F1 blogs this week some rare video footage of Ayrton Senna karting in 1982.

Plus one writer’s thoughts on meeting Jenson Button, the perfect T-shirt for Lewis Hamilton and more worries over that divisive ten-year engine development freeze.

F1 news round-up – Lots of links from the IHT F1 blog – make sure you don’t miss Ayrton Senna karting in 1982. And here’s some videos of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen karting as well.

How good is Heikki? – Can the Finn keep up with Lewis Hamilton?

Jenson Button: what a top bloke – Journalist meets Honda F1 star.

Knowing Ferrari information is as bad as using it? – Ferrari’s Aldo Costa reckons so.

Schumacher to earn more NOT racing that most professional drivers racing – At least that what Bild reckons…

I’m not… – Sofa F1’s spotted an ideal T-shirt for Lewis Hamilton following his recent fine and disqualification for speeding.

Formula One and Formula Green – There’s more to green F1 than green cars – what about green tracks?

Is this the end of Formula 1? – Ten year engine freeze sounds like a bad idea to some.

The precocious youth of F1 – Guess who? Yes it’s Lewis Hamilton again.

Red Bull F1 meets Youtube – Video announcement of the launch of 2008’s RB4.

Photo: Williams F1 Media

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