Did you get an F1 gift for Christmas?

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Were you opening presents for Christmas (or anything else) this morning? Did you get any F1 goodies?

Perhaps you received one of the gifts suggested in the F1 Fanatic Gift Guide?

Brag about your F1 gifts below – I’ll add mine later if it turns out I’ve been a good boy this year…

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28 comments on “Did you get an F1 gift for Christmas?”

  1. closest thing to an F1 present I got was a 2008 motorsport calender, with F1, BTCC, and other stuff on it.
    Oh, and I guess you can include ‘The Edge Of Greatness’ which i recieved a couple of weeks ago due to entering the competition on this site. =] many thanks for that. :P

  2. I got 3 F1 models (Sennas test Brabham, Panis 2003Toyota and Frentzens 2003 Sauber which are all great. and a SIGNED copy of Jackie Stewarts autobiography,

  3. I got the Jackie Stewart autobiography and the season review DVD. Oh, and I got The Edge of Greatness as well. Thanks for that. :D

  4. i got permission to go to Montreal next year :-)

  5. I got a new set of tyres for the BaRR kart, Bridgestones of course!

  6. Brought me and the missus Goodwood FOS tickets and received a couple of books to keep me occupied.

  7. I got 5 F1 season reviews…

    …and I also got Perry McCarthy’s autobiography

  8. My little brother gave me a model Guido and Luigi from the Pixar movie Cars all decked out in thier Ferrari stuff.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. F1 season review dvd (wanted) and Lewis Hamilton:The full story (unwanted)

  10. I got the official F1 Season Review book, which is quite hefty (though nothing like the monstrous 2002 season review!).

  11. I got the Formula One Yearbook 2007/8, the 2007 DVD and a ticket to Spritzkerhe 1 at Hockenheim next July :-D

  12. Edge of Greatness by James Allen and a tacky F1 car set that I (jokingly) said I wanted 2 weeks ago. Complete with fake trees and traffic cones, just in case a bit of F1 track needs blocking off.
    Merry Christmas everyone (except maybe Max Mosley)

  13. Nothing F1 – though I dropped hints like bricks – but received a remote control power boat? – maybe eddie irvines old one?? – works good though!! – merry christmas and roll on 2008

  14. got the 2007 review DVD, “Beyond the Limit” (the Sid Watkins book about F1 safety), and a cool Puma Ferrari jacket

    but my favorite F1 gift this year was a 1/18th size Lotus 49 model (with Graham Hill as the driver)

  15. I got a 1/43 scale model of the Jenson Button 1st Win tribute RA106, a Murray Books Formula One book (the one shaped like a tyre), a years subscription to F1 Racing Magazine and a 2006 Honda F1 Racing coat.

    Very, very happy! :-)

    Merry xmas to everybody! Roll on the 2008 season!

  16. The nearest thing I got to a motor sport-related gift was a very fancy toothbrush. It had so many features on it that I suspect that some people in the high-tech world of F1 have the same model… That said, my family know that I tend to get myself the motor sport stuff I want, so they tend to concentrate on stuff I’m more likely to overlook.

    I did buy myself a Lewis Hamilton biography (an obscure one subtitled “The Rise of F1’s New Superstar” by Iain Spragg & Adrian Clarke) because I thought it was a serious contender for the worst biography of Lewis (Yes, even worse than “The Story So Far” by Gareth Rogers!). I found it at a discount bookstore in Chesterfield for £3.99, and haven’t seen it on sale anywhere else. I felt some pity for the staff, who obviously were having trouble shifting their 50 or so copies of the book…

    M Smith, I saw the tyre-shaped book in the same shop, but decided not to buy it. Admittedly, most of the reason was because it was more expensive (I think it could have justified its price tag to someone in the market for an encyclopaedia of that type – it just so happens I already have a few…) It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it, though.

  17. I got TONS of F1 gifts this year! Very, very, very happy.

    1. 2006 F1 Review DVD
    2. 2007 F1 Review DVD
    3. 2007 Autocourse
    4. 2007 Singapore GP permission


    And it’s not even my birthday yet (which is on Sunday). Rumor has it I’ll get even more F1 stuff then! :)

  18. I got a 1/18 model of Schumacher’s 97′ 310 racer and a 1/24 model of my favorite-Quick Nick’s 96′ BMW.Cool huh?

  19. Sorry,I mean 06′ BMW of course.

  20. I got Hamilton’s “My Story” (auto)biogaphy and I can’t say I’m completely convinced about it – having only one season’s worth to write about does hamper things and some of the passages sound like stuff that’s come out of the press.

    Having said that I did feel I learned a few new things about Hamilton himself and it does seem as though he did have quite a bit of input into the book.

  21. Well I got a pair of Autocourses from the 1980s (thanks to my brother and my girlfriend), a few other books and some DVDs on racing in the ’50s and ’60s. I also got the black Ayrton Senna T-shirt that I dropped a hefty and unsubtle hint about

  22. At least some of “My Story” reads as if somebody with a vague sense of imagination and grammar wrote it…

  23. I got a first edition of Jackie Stewart’s 1972 book “Faster!”. I have a good wife.

  24. My little sister bought me “Lewis Hamilton – My Story” :) We live in New York, so she had to order it from amazon.co.uk, which makes it even more special to me haha :) My mom bought me a 2’x1.5′ book that weighs a lot and it covers massive crashes in motorsport history and there are a good 30 pages on F1 stuff. Good stuff. Happy holidays everyone!

  25. I got the new JYS book, and the F! 2007/2008 yearbook. (Also got the Richard Hammond book).

    In my local pharmacy recently and I noticed them selling official branded F1 shower gel, deodorant and shampoo…

  26. Got 2008 Autocourse F1 Calendar.

    I’m A HUGE Kimi fan and have waited a long time, thanks to McLaren’s appauling reliability record, to get the
    2007 Championship Presentation. Thanks Mum!!

    Alson received 2007 Season Review DVD.

  27. Don, you must have a really well-stocked pharmacy where you live :)

    I’ll probably get myself the F1 2007/2008 Yearbook in the January sales (I know parts of it seem to get left in French at times, but unlike the other annuals in (near) English, it does have a non-British perspective). The Richard Hammond book is on my list of books I must borrow from the library…

  28. I got an F1 gift set, with “Power” Spray, mug, and keychain. Pretty cool, I liked it. :D

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