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Several F1 bloggers picked up on the departure of Ralf Schumacher from Formula 1 this week. And as usual he didn’t get a very sympathetic farewell…

Others criticised the stance of some drivers against the traction control ban, who said it might make racing in the wet too dangerous.

Read the weekly round-up of the F1 blogs below.

No Schumacher in 2008? – Ralf’s absence means the F1 grid might be Schumacher-free for the first time since 1991.

Welcome 2008 – Another writer is glad to see Ralf – and Giancarlo Fisichella – leave F1.

Todt’s Disappointment, Kimi’s Clever Idea, Max’s Sympathetic Support – New tattoo for Kimi Raikkonen.

Force India F1 starts advertising on Indian Television Screens – Indian F1 team starts courting sponsors.

Michael Bartels stirs to pot – F1 Insight looks at Michael Bartels’ claim that Mercedes doesn’t do enough to bring German drivers into F1.

Momma Jense is worried – Criticism of Jenson Button (and other F1 drivers) claims’ that racing in the wet without traction control is too dangerous.

Speedcar? – Jean Alesi is back.

Former F1 drivers to race at Le Mans in 2008 – While Jos Verstappen and Olivier Panis head to La Sarthe for the 24 Heures du Mans.

F1 Rewind (Pilot) – The Sidepodcast team just keep pulling rabbits out of the hat. Have a look at their ambitious new video project.

The next President of the FIA – An excellent article on BlogF1 looking at who might replace Max Mosley – Jean Todt, Damon Hill, Ross Brawn and Paul Stoddart (!) are tipped as the contenders.

Are the current Formula 1 rules causing talent drain? – Franck Montangy, Christian Klien, Robert Doornbos and other worthy racers are left without drives.

Vettel in the Schu mould – The new German racer is winning plenty of admirers.

F1 season review: websites – A review of Formula 1 websites including blogs.

Valencia GP Europa – A new F1 blog (in Spanish) covering the development of the Valencia street circuit.

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5 comments on “F1 blogs review: Auf wiedersehen Ralf”

  1. That Manny fella on the “Welcome 2008” blog is pretty miserable! I think he’s wrong about Fisi though as it looks like he is going to get the Force India seat, which is a good thing for them as they need someone experienced to help them develop the car during testing – Sutil, van der Garde and Rodriguez don’t fill that role.

  2. Vertigo, I agree with you completely – though I’m trying not to get too excited at the prospect before it’s officially announced in case my belief in Force India’s judgement is completely misplaced.

  3. I think Ralf has done the ‘new’ team thing with Toyota and seen the difficulties ahead, and doesnt want that role again…For him I think it is the right decision, afterall what can he prove with Force India?

    He is just as good as Barrichelo, Button, Webber….all of whom could have done more if they were with right team at the right time.

    He isnt a bad driver, just having a legend for a brother wasnt all good!

    I will miss Ralf, he always had alot of time for the fans.

  4. I completely agree with Vettel in Schumi’s mould, seeing them both at ROC, Vettel is very much like Schumi, I would love to see him do something with the RBR.

    I am warming to him!

    Vettel for Ferrari 2009!

  5. I agree KB, Ralf was one of the nicest guys on the grid towards the fans. In regards racing, he was always going to be compared to his brother, and found wanting.

    Good luck to Ralf in whatever he chooses to do from here.

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