Ferrari reveal their 2008 F1 car: the F2008

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The wraps have come off Ferrari’s new car for the 2008 season – the machine in which Kimi Raikkonen will defend his drivers’ championship crown.

It’s good to see they’re retained the darker red they started using part-way through the 2007 season. I much prefer it to the bright red they used before then.

Compare the F2008 with the F2007

2008 F1 season

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36 comments on “Ferrari reveal their 2008 F1 car: the F2008”

  1. Can I be the first to say what a beautiful machine it is. Obviously I’m a Ferrari fan and therefore massively biased but still, beautiful. If only Bernie would let us see it in high-def…?

  2. Oh yeah I forgot it’s also nice to see that big shiny “1” back where it belongs, isn’t it?

  3. They really did make that as big as possible didn’t they?

    I think the 22 and 23 on the McLarens might be a little more discreet…

  4. I would gloat some more about the 22 and 23 but a) all the McLaren fans would hate me and b) I get the distinct feeling I’m talking to myself a bit too much (ie 3 posts in 5 minutes).

  5. Yeuch. They’ve taken the one design trend that I detested from 2007 (the Toyota-esque integration of the upper front wing and the tip of the nose) and shoved it on their 2008 machine. Horrible.

    I demand that these front bridge wings are banned!

  6. Apart from that it’s hard to spot any major differences between it and the 2007 car.

  7. It’s a thing of beauty. But I would say that, hehe. I think it was Chris Dyer who said the car is only beautiful if she wins – so fingers crossed!

    I have to admit, I do like the menacing look of the F2007 and F2008 (look at the elevation from the top!) with the darker shade of red – Ferrari are turning to the dark side ;>

  8. I have to say, I quite like the look of this car. I don’t mind the bridges. Would like to see more black incorperated though- it goes well. Perhaps it’s just the light, but the gold and chrome flakes seem to have gone- it’s missing that sparkle which is a shame.

  9. The nose, I don’t like. Seems rather thin for a ferrari. Still, anything’s better than the ghastly McLaren nose.

  10. I think it looks fantastic – especially the nose. In profile, though, it does look just like the F2007.
    Also, anyone know when the other cars are coming out?

  11. If none of you can see the differences in the flicks, flaps and added side body geegaws on the ’08 model I suggest another look. They look like a remarkable composite of the McLaren and Honda devices. Hmmmm, a possible mole in both factories????????

    And remember this will not be the same look of the car that gets to the grid in Melbourne.

    As a McLaren fan I only hope they can come up with an entry to challenge. And if it does, Luca will still claim it’s because of the stolen IP. It will be long, painful year, regardless of our results!

  12. AmericanTifosi
    7th January 2008, 3:15

    The F2008 looks so different from the ’07 car. I hate the front wing and I honestly think the F2007 was better on the eyes. Gotta love that “1” on the nose though. Of the 2007 cars I think the BMW Sauber was the most beautiful.

  13. I love it. Beautiful piece of Machinery. And yeah, I’m a Ferrari fanboy :D
    I’m so happy to see the big NO 1

  14. George, McLaren admitted in their apology letter that the stolen info from Ferrari was used by them. What more one needs as proof?

    Ferrari, have officially moved to the dark side (LOL… too good Loki). Um-ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  15. I do like the color and view from the top

  16. hmmm pure pornography….love it, nice side pods too

  17. Hi,

    using a little bit of photoshop i´ve made a photomontage of the cenital pic, using a half of F2007 and the other half with F2008. I’m not very good with this kind of programs, so the result is pretty ugly. I don’t know if some are interested on it, or in improve it, and also i don’t know how share it.

    Anyway with the first look, gills and rear wing have significant changes.

  18. I’m not disagreeing with what you say Sri, but I still choose to believe it was an expedient cop out to allow all of the sport to move ahead. Luca will not do that, especially if the McLaren beats them in a race this year.

  19. i’m not a ferrari fan but i think that car looks great!i like the flicks and the nose.cant wait to see how it drives though.

  20. Sri, you really need to learn to be objective.

    I hate to rehash old news, but McLaren stole nothing from Ferrari, and as for the letter ‘admitting’ that Ferrari data may have been used in the MP23 – read it.

    It is clear to all & sundry (except possibly myopic Ferrari fans) that the letter was nothing but a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt by both McLaren & Mad Max to bring the matter to a close.

    George – I can see it now. If McLaren do well this year, how long will it be before Montezemolo starts casting slurs on the integrity of the car?

  21. PinkPeril, the fact remains that i quoted here much before anyone saw it for what it was, that is, a master-plan of Mosley to get racing on track. I did write about why McLaren would have been in trouble and for what reasons.

    McLaren were looking at a years ban on racing, may be even longer. Of-course it makes all the political sense (all British media and McLaren fans would have been crying hoarse, like they did not already, ahem) and financial sense (McLaren are a team with some history in F1, more fans = more viewership = more money for Bernie).

    Now, about being objective, McLaren only have imposed moratorium on developing those parts, what is worrying me, is the fact that there is nothing to stop them RACING WITH THOSE PARTS. Oh, this was also there in Auto-Sport. They are a magazine of some reputation. Would you not agree?

    Also, i did not say that McLaren stole Ferrari IP and used it. What i said was “McLaren used stolen Ferrari IP.” We all know who was involved, don’t we? Even accepting stolen goods is a crime in many countries. I think, i was being very objective. If you’ll believe me, believe that i’ll be equally harsh, not withstanding which team it is.

  22. sri I think if you were in charge public flogging would still exist – this ferrari has 4 wheels and an engine – they must own the copyright on that? – time to bury your hatchet – get on it’s 2008 and wait and see what happens on the track!! – ps I like the new ferrari

  23. To me it looks over engineered and frankly tacky

  24. Alan, it is not as simple as 4 wheels and an engine any more. F1 is the pinnacle of motor-sport and for a reason. Would you not agree? Would you, if you were to develop something/anything, let your colleague take advantage of and then win awards/accolades?

    Besides, i am already looking forward to 2008. Still, the fact that a team used stolen IP to further their cause, in what is the grand stage of technology, is somewhat repulsive to me. Don’t know what you feel, but here people are very keen to not acknowledge the truth, instead would like to put it behind them and move forward.

    Am all for moving forward, but would not like to have the truth distorted and shoved down my throat by some fan-boys/girls(i thought i’d add it, before feminists got me into trouble :P ).

  25. Quote: “To me it looks over engineered and frankly tacky”

    No disrespect, but wait and watch the other cars on the grid looking more like it, as the year moves forward.

  26. To PinkPeril; The answer to your question (If McLaren do well this year, how long will it be before Montezemolo starts casting slurs on the integrity of the car?) is that Luca hasn’t stopped yet. If McLaren is fortunate to even win a pole this year look for Luca to whine about painting the McLaren’s red, again, and again, ad nauseum.

  27. Never mind – max will retire soon jean todt will get his job and they will all run a ferrari derivative – as in A1 and their wont be any worry about spying because the other manufacturers(spies) will tell them where to go – bmw will expand into dtm again and mercedes will also concentrate on that as well – some people will be happier with that – others will mourn the end of F1

  28. Alan, that will never happen. The manufacturers need F1 to sell their cars and anyway, Jean Todt will never be president of the FIA. Didn’t I hear somewhere that he said he didn’t want the job or am I slowly turning into a purple mushroom?

  29. Vertigo, no need to react to what fan-boys/girls have to say. Max did all the good he could do (in settling matters so racing could go on) and is not even claiming acclaim for it. Still, he will be/is vilified. Well, so he made mistakes. Who doesn’t?

    This bit is to all you fan-boys/girls. Please, spare a moment of thought before categorising espionage as a mistake. It will be laughable, if one chose to do so. It is a crime to accept stolen property, so not a mistake.

  30. sri – how does anyone who doesnt agree with you become fan – boy/girl?? – are you different from human kind and are neither of the above mentioned – so you love ferrari and like an old cartoon – callamero – who thought the world is full of injustice’s – especially for ferrari – you say everyone is wrong such as pink peril – myself – ha! ha! – it is a blog where all are welcome to give their points of view – fans/girls/boys – as such I dont see us ever agreeing – but life goes on enjoy life and 2008

  31. You make an interesting point Alan. People have a right to their point of views and that no one is denying. However, as pinkperil stated, am requesting people to be objective. All the evidence is stacked up against McLaren. Still, i find people crying foul at Ferrari. Am i missing something?

    Oh, in case you did not read, let me restate, that i would have been equally harsh no matter what team it is. If it were Ferrari who were the transgressor, then i would have been breathing fire down their collective necks.

  32. Wow! I’m just so happy to see that ‘1’ there! If only it had been on his McLaren. Well, I suppose it might still be yet. I’ve been a Kimi fan from the start and I won’t leave him now – even if he has defected to the evil red team. Nah, kidding. He’s gotta go where the best offer is, I know.

  33. you guys dont see the real nose thats bearing down on at you 180mph will scare the daylights out of you and so it should …..

  34. cars that look the prettiest are the cars that make it to the podium! (debatable) :) lets hope these ferrari’s aren’t all show… no go!

  35. The F2008 in that dark red is beauty defined.  I wish Charter would have Speed Channel HD in their lineup, then it’d truly be a sight to behold.

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