Toyota TF108 launch, Cologne, 2008

Toyota reveal their 2008 F1 car: the TF108

2008 F1 season

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Toyota has revealed the car it hopes will achieve the team’s first race victory in its seventh year of competing in F1.

See below for the first images of the car they hope will take Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock closer to the front – the TF108.

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19 comments on “Toyota reveal their 2008 F1 car: the TF108”

  1. Most people say that Toyota looks boring but i think thats one sexy looking car!!! :D

    It will be good to see what Timo Glock can do.

  2. Is it just me or does this car look weird? Is this the real car? It looks like a Minichamps model! Did they unveil the 60% version by mistake?

  3. two weeks ago a Toyota’s team responsible said that they have two years to get good results. Also two weeks ago i´ve read a rumour about Hyundai being interested in buy a F1 team. i don’t know if both infos could be linked.

    Anyway, how many time Toyota plans to waste money in F1 with no results?

  4. Looks like another below average effort to me, but in the testing we will see more. My reasons are that this looks, besides the front wing, similar to TF107. And that is not good…

  5. Minichamps models are actually quite acurate and Dan M will wake up when the pit babes escort Trulli and Glock to their cars.

  6. I take it back!!

    Whats with those wing mirrors? And the side pods look tiny!

  7. The Mclaren and toyota have similar front.. (nose). Its interesting.

  8. The nose does look similar – I wonder which team designed it and which one copied it?

  9. If simpler is quicker the Toyota should outrun the Ferrari AND the McLaren……..well, at least the McLaren this year? But we all know better, don’t we?

  10. Don’t forget that the aerodynamics main components will still do three months of testing. There is a very high probability that the front wings and other visible parts will be different in the first GP.

  11. McLaren nose, Ferrari front wheel rims, Ferrari concept of wide wing mirrors making them as awkward as possible for the driver to check them…rest of car, Simtek?

    Nothing to do with the paint job, even though that could do with a kids touch itself, but the car just screams blandness. I wanna see fins, gills, elephant ear flaps, lobster arms, a Mr. Fusion, a flux capacitor?!…something, ANYTHING, I know fine well Toyota can at least afford to delve into!

  12. It may well be that Toyata may not acheive all that the money expended should acheive – but it isn’t money that achieve’s result’s it’s skill – forward thinking(within the rules?) – put pls no more alagations of copying or sri will be on his soapbox again – if the rules are so constrictive with no inspiration/leadership from the governing body design and innovation will be bland and to fan’s dissapointing but lets wait and see what happens in testing and on the race day – after all they did have ralf as well!!

  13. theRoswellite
    10th January 2008, 20:53

    OK,Ok,ok……..a question-statement: If Toy feels max pressure to “not fail”, and they keep “failing” (their feelings, not mine); after, not getting it right for a number of years, do they spend a significant portion of their time looking at the guys who, “are getting it right”? If this is the thrust of their Operations Manual, then they will ALWAYS come up with a product that is comparable to, in performance and looks, “last years hot car”. A formula for mid-field performance. I’m sure this is not the case………… just always looks like it’s the case.

  14. i was just thinking this Timo Glock guy just came out of GP2 and also had 4 race starts in 2005 or 2004…

    he wont have to get used to driving without traction control and just like hamilton he had just won the GP2 championship so i think thats going to give him one hell of an edge!

    knowing my luck i’ll get proved wrong haha :D

  15. The only thing that beats the Toyota’s paint job, is last years Honda, and this makes it very difficult to take a quality picture of the car and likewise to discern detail. At least, it no longer has that slab like side pods.
    Altogether a very dull and featureless concept, even the nose bridge wing looks like an afterthought . Lets hope in the absence of traction control, the drivers can make a difference.

    Did someone call it a toy car earlier?

  16. AmericanTifosi
    11th January 2008, 2:24

    Yawn. If Toyota has to get results in two years they’d better come up with something spectacular, but this sure doesn’t look any faster than the TF107. Then again, they could know something we don’t know…

  17. If you look at the cant angle of the chimney on the side pod it adds to aero resistance, as opposed to McLaren’s that is built-in to the other appendages. That should add drag and a few tenths to their best lap times!

  18. Five videos from the Toyota launch including interviews with all the drivers are available in the F1 video section:

    F1 video

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