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Formula 1 cars, Autosport International, 2008I just got back from Autosport International 2008 which was jam-packed with racing cars including a full roster of F1 cars in 2007 liveries, classic Formula 1 machines and more.

There’s Ayrton Senna’s 1985 Lotus Renault, a pair of Arrows from the 1990s and Giancarlo Fisichella’s 1997 Jordan.

Have a look at my full gallery of almost 200 pictures on Flickr.

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12 comments on “Autosport International 2008 pictures”

  1. would that be a mclaren, sitting at the arse end of the paddock there?

  2. Why yes it would, that’s very interesting

  3. Nice collection of pictures! Thanks for posting.

    One thing I found interesting is the dials behind the wheel of Senna’s Lotus. The numbers are sideways!

  4. i sooo wanted to go there! i thought it was on the 13th-14th of jan though.

    I can wait until next year!

  5. by the way what is the car on the photo DSC_0253?

    it looks really futuristic.

  6. Futuristic? That’s the ’85 Lotus, with its skin off…

  7. AmericanTifosi
    11th January 2008, 21:57

    Great colletion, thanks for posting!

  8. Oh right ok… Yeah like i say it looks futuristic to me for some reason… Don’t no why.

    wicked photos

    By the way Keith, what team do you follow mostly?

  9. Well..that kept me busy for awhile!

    Awesome pics Keith,Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us car fanatics.

    I just LOVE looking at the old Lotus ( DSC-0257 & 58 )I have lots of pics of those in my image library.

    ..just curious if the Miracle Shammy guy had to pay for ad space..?

  10. The numbers on the Lotus dials are sideways because the rev counters and boost gauges (in the days when we had such things) are rotated so that the rev limit and boost limit are at the top. It means the driver never has to read the numbers he smply watches for the needle to point straight up.

    I spent today at the show. I noticed that the McLaren on F1 Racing’s pit lane had the bridge wing removed. Seems to be a theme.

    The Honda earth disaster looks bad in print. It looks bad on TV but it looks way way worse in the flesh. What were they thinking about? The blues and greens they chose clash so badly they could cause someone to have a fit and the black bit at the back is huge. I assume it was designed for TV and they normally don’t let anyone see it close up.

    I notice Williams had modified their show car so that it has the new for 2008 high cockpit sides. That looks really claustrophobic. If a driver says he didn’t know there was anyone beside him this season I believe him.

  11. The Aston Le Mans car with the gulf oil colors is just too beautiful for words…

    Autosport needs to bring this show to America – that or the exchange rate needs to improve so I can go to England!

  12. Franck Favennec
    1st April 2008, 23:56

    Just fan of Ayrton Senna. Any wallpapers about him ?

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