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In the F1 blogs this week plenty of reaction to the Ferrari and McLaren launches.

Meanwhile the row over traction control goes on. Will it make the racing better? Will it make F1 more dangerous? Everyone is having their say.

Traction control should not be banned – Checkpoint 10 backs the drivers who feel that banning traction control is an unnecessary safety risk. Kimi Raikkonen would disagree…

Are F1 drivers safer without traction control in the wet? – More on the traction control row.

Killing traction control won’t make F1 any more fun to watch – Andrew Frankel thinks getting rid of traction control is wrong because it won’t cure everything that’s wrong with F1 overnight. I call that defective reasoning. Banning traction control isn’t the solution – but it’s a step in the right direction.

Silverstone under threat – Concerns over the future of the British Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen – World Champion, 2007 – A biography of the Finnish Ferrari driver.

The consistency conspiracy – SofaF1 makes some early predictions on the season ahead.

Audi: again ‘No Formula 1’ statement – Volkswagen-owned Audi again rule out stepping up to the top flight of motorsport, though I think they should enter Formula 1 soon.

Funny pics from McLaren launch – Some caption fun with the 2008 McLaren launch pictures.

Ego hurt, Giancarlo Fisichella slams back – The Italian driver, who’s just signed for Force India, attacks the suggestion that he would pay for an F1 drive.

The engineers’ complaint – F1 Insight on the F1 technicians who think the sport’s going in the wrong direction.

Domenicali wants to leave spygate behind him – Is this hypocrisy from Ferrari?

First Ferrari F2008 shakedown video – The 2008 Ferrari on-track.

F1 launch control – Ferrari and McLaren steal a march on the opposition by getting their new cars out early.

Photo: Ferrari S.p.A.

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  1. I think you’re being very generous when you call my post on Raikkonen a biography. It’s more a mish-mash of other people’s posts, with a bit of opinion of my own (read overpraise) interspersed.

    But thanks, nevertheless! :)

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