Red Bull launch their 2008 F1 car: the RB4

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Red Bull have revealed their 2008 F1 car at the Jerez circuit this morning. The team ended 2007 with several strong performances and will be hoping to carry that momentum forward into 2008.

Mark Webber and David Coulthard remain as the team’s drivers, with GP2 driver Sebastien Buemi joining as test driver.

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14 comments on “Red Bull launch their 2008 F1 car: the RB4”

  1. I sure hope they’ve fixed the gear box on it; the RBR3 wasn’t too bad when it held together.

  2. Redbull missed an opportunity to have a two team launch on the same day.

  3. Not to mention that it seemed like a pretty low key affair, judging by the pictures anyways. I thought a company like Red Bull would go for something a little flashier, no?

    And shouldn’t David and Mark be sipping on red bulls or something??? The McLaren boys were given vodaphones to play with. Where’s the chessy, blatant and annoying product placements? ;)

    The car looks good though.

  4. Surprised they didn’t just launch the STR at the same time, seeing as how we all kno it’s going to be exactly the same car unfortunately.

  5. I think Toro Rosso are going to start the season with last year’s car.

  6. Two launches = twice the press coverage…

  7. theRoswellite
    16th January 2008, 16:59

    It certainly looks like a wake doesn’t it. Hope the performance of a car during the year has no direct correlation to the “spectacle” hype of the cars introduction. If it does, this car will have problems keeping up with Force India.

  8. Looking at the Red Bull livery, surely it’s time they started selling sponsorship on the cars? I know Mateschitz is a billionaire but even he can’t finance an F1 team constantly, year-on-year, without outside help, can he?
    Looks good though – the Red Bull is always one of the better looking cars.

  9. I hope that Red Bull keeps going, anyway this is Adrian Newey MKII at Red Bull (and STR, which by the way, ended up with a stronger lineup) and much is expected.

  10. Keith is right…. STR is going to start next season with the 2007 car… Vettel said that he was not worried about using the STR2 for the first 4 races…

    But we all know the STR3 was going to be a RBR4 with another livery

  11. AmericanTifosi
    17th January 2008, 4:10

    The RB4 broke down in testing today. Not a good way to start 2008!

  12. Fast but fragile… again?

  13. Mateschitz can comfortably finance an F1 team long term. I can’t remember the figures but he makes something like $2 billion profit and a third of that goes on sports sponsorship.

  14. its not fragile, it was the Renault engine, though it could be the problems faced on the RB2 or just a typical engine failure

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