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I’ve been looking for a way to bring better quality F1 video onto F1 Fanatic for some time. Video services like Youtube are great, but due to the short-sightedness of F1’s broadcasting rights owners most F1 videos get taken down from there very quickly.

Today I’ve created a new section of the website dedicated to providing good quality F1 video.

The first two videos are available for you to view now. One of these is available in a high quality mode – please let me know if you have difficulty viewing this larger file on your computer.

I’d appreciate any other feedback as well.

I’ll keep you posted on new additions to the F1 video section as they become available. Have a look at the videos now.

More F1 video

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  • 10 comments on “New F1 video service at F1 Fanatic”

    1. Great idea. My macbook on a 10 mbit connection didn’t have any trouble with the hq one btw.

    2. Just watched the high quality one on 4mbit connection (Virgin media, if it matters), no problems. Playing started almost immediately, which is good.

      Compression-quality is fine, with more complex scenes producing some blocky artifacts (e.g 1:56-2:00), but that’s being really pernickity as I’ve written a few reports on video compression. For streaming media, it’s perfectly acceptable.

      Thanks for the good work, keep it up!

    3. Brilliant idea. Hopefully the people who own the rights to all these videos will open their own version of YouTube with F1 videos, we need it in the world of computers where everything is on demand.

    4. nice work. yeah, i really like it. might want to improve the colour scheme though. very dull.

    5. i second a colour scheme change, we’ve recently gone darker here:

      also, you might want to install the media player on your own site, just so poor jeroen’s servers don’t take on any more traffic :)

    6. loved the toyota HQ clip, is it possible to download these?

    7. Sidey, it’s in the pipeline…

    8. sorry this is nothing to do with the video thing…

      I’ve just been reading some news that’s saying Renault has revealed their new car today! I was under the impression that they wasn’t showing the car until Jan 29th

    9. God this site just gets better and better :D

    10. Love the new video section thanks for all your hard work

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