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How hard can it be to design a decent race track?

Herman Tilke’s circuit designs tend to draw sighs of disappointment from F1 fans. So what would you change about the tracks on today’s calendar?

In the past two and a bit weeks I’ve covered the history of every track used for world championship F1 races. To draw the maps I used an excellent website called Quikmaps.

It’s free to use so if you want to have a go for yourself at drawing an F1 circuit here’s what to do:

1. Register at (it’s free)
2. Use one of the co-ordinates below to find the 2008 race track of your choice
3. Zoom in on the track and use the drawing tools to sketch a track

If you create something you’re proud of then email it to me and I’ll post a selection on the site next week. To share your track:

1. When you’ve finished designing, click Save and generate code
2. Send the code to me via the contacts form along with some information about your track

Locations of F1 circuits

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia: -37.849722???, 144.968333???
Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain: 26.0325???, 50.510556???
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain: 41.57???, 2.261111???
Fuji Speedway, Japan: 35.371667???, 138.926667???
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, Canada: 45.5???, -73.522778???
Hockenheimring, Germany: 49.327778???, 8.565833???
Hungaroring, Hungary: 47.578889???, 19.248611???
Istanbul Park, Turkey: 40.951667???, 29.405???
Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Brazil: -23.703611???, -46.699722???
Circuit de Nevers, Magny-Cours, France: 46.864167???, 3.163611???
Monte-Carlo, Monaco: 43.734722???, 7.420556???
Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy: 45.615556???, 9.281111???
Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia: 2.760833???, 101.738333???
Shanghai International Circuit, China: 31.338889???, 121.219722???
Silverstone, Great Britain: 52.078611???, -1.016944???
Singapore Street Circuit, Singapore: 1.289444???, 103.858889???
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium: 50.437222???, 5.971389???
Valencia Street Circuit, Spain: 39.458889???, -0.331667???

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13 comments on “Remix an F1 track”

  1. This looks like awesome fun. Will see what I can come up with later.

  2. One of the best features F1 Racing did was to get a panel to vote on F1’s top 30 corners of all time, and get Hermann Tilke to design a circuit that incorporated all those corners unmodified in an order of his choice. I think the projected cost of this worked out at something ridiculous, being a hugely long circuit with a heck of a lot of gradient involved.

    Was a great feature though. :-)

  3. @ Robert Mckay
    I remember that feature. It was interesting, but obviously impossible. It had EauRouge from Spa, Tarzan from Zandvoort and also R130 from Suzuka.

  4. Damn, this is distracting me from work, lol.

    Just a heads up though: make sure your layout is exactly as you want it before you hit “save”. Any subsequent edits to the map do not get saved, for whatever reason. At least that’s the problem I’m having.

  5. I might be a moron, but I have no idea what I’m doing on this QuikMaps thing. How exactly are you supposed to do it?

  6. Once you’ve registered, go to ‘Make a New Map’, then paste one of the above co-ordinates into the ‘Go to:’ box. Hit OK and zoom in and you should see the track you selected. You can use the line or scribble tool to draw on it. When you’re done, click Save and Generate Code and send the code to me if you want to.

  7. Thanks for the advice. I forwarded the site to some of my mates and the general consensus was that I was a moron and that it was easy.

  8. great idea!i did istanbul park but didn’t save it because it’s hard to keep it steady so it was a bit was really quick and kept turn 8 but not many others were used.

  9. The FIA should take note of the tracks people will make and use them!!That would be awesome!

  10. “The FIA should take note of the tracks people will make and use them!!That would be awesome!”

    Genius….in the spirit of Kasparov’s game of chess, it’d be “Hermann Tilke versus the Internet”. Like it :-D

  11. Melbourne – a great track, with a boat load of potential. Just a couple of changes that would keep the excitment in front of the people who turn out to the track.

    Added a new sequence in at turns 1 and 2 to include a ‘switch back’, making the tussle on lap 50 as exciting as that on lap 1. The new turn 3 is constant radius, making for very exciting ‘outside’ possibilities. Bernie will like it because of the extra ‘bums on seats’ behind the action that shows up so well on TV. I’ve also amended the turn 11/12 sequence to include a very fast left-right lifting the throttle into another left-right.

    The rest remains the same.

    my track code…

  12. Made my submission…

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