Williams reveal their 2008 F1 car: the FW30

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Williams elected to launch its 2008 F1 car with zero fanfare. The new FW30 was rolled out at a foggy Valencia on Monday morning.

The team ran the car today in another interim livery, which featured the names of many of the team’s fans printed on the nose.

See below for more images of the FW30.

Photos copyright: Williams / LAT

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10 comments on “Williams reveal their 2008 F1 car: the FW30”

  1. As much as I’m a fan of the white-and-dark blue look employed by Williams, the black interim lively looks incredible! Surely it wouldn’t hurt them to keep it like that all season – it’d stop me getting the car confused with the BMW on the far away shots.

  2. The black paint scheme makes it difficult if not impossible to make out any design details. The continuous top pod fairing looks strange to say to the least.

  3. I hope Rosberg will fight for points… and hopefully for podiums this season. He deserves it.

  4. Oh my dirk benedict! This machine is white-hot.

  5. is it really black ? looks dark blue (and great) to me. would be nice if they keep it for the season but I somehow expect to revert to the blue / white again, same as they did in 2007 after the dark blue winter livery

  6. I noticed a small Ayrton Senna logo on the front of the car – is that new or have the Williams cars had it for a while?

  7. They’ve had it on every Williams car since Senna died.

  8. Ah… I thought that might have been it – thanks!

  9. I hated the nose on last years McLaren’s but seeing as most every team is going with that design, I think its starting to grow on me. The Williams nose is especially elegant.

  10. i like coulthards new nose job – really suits him

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