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In the F1 blogs this week grab yourself a complete back-catalogue of the free paddock magazine Red Bulletin in PDF format from the past three years. Just don’t try taking them into the McLaren pit

Plus an Australian F1 fan frustrated with the organisation of the Melbourne race, plenty of thoughts on testing and more.

December 2007 huge magazine collection – This blog is offering free downloads of every issue of the Red Bulletin so far.

Losing traction and getting sidetracked – An Australian F1 fans complains about the poor marketing of his country’s Grand Prix.

Spanish press hail Alonso – Fernando Alonso’s return to Renault is hailed by his countrymen.

McLaren to be sold… maybe – Veteran McLaren-watcher Alan Henry doesn’t think Mercedes is about to purchase the extra 11% of McLaren it required for a controlling interest in the company.

Gordon Murray’s bright idea – F1 Insight’s Clive looks back at one of Brabham designer’s Gordon Murray’s radical F1 innovations that never quite worked.

Fiat 500 takes to the ice: video – Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Marc Gene and Luca Baoder race the new Fiat 500 on ice. Now that’s my kind of publicity stunt!

The trap – The stifling of innovation in Formula 1 is something many bloggers are writing about – Motorsport Ramblings serves up a typically thought-provoking analysis.

Video: Jerez test day 2 – 2008 F1 cars in action. See more in the F1 video section.

No place for Indian drivers in F1? – India’s first F1 team is fielding a German and an Italian in its maiden season, but this blogger reckons the decision is “fully rational”.

Water pistols at dawn – So who is the number one driver at Force India? (Or, for that matter, McLaren?)

F you Ecclestone – An American fan is unhappy with the absence of the United States Grand Prix from the 2008 F1 calendar, but there are signs it may return in 2009.

How Champ Car can save itself – As America’s once-great open wheel racing series finds its in turmoil, Checkpoint 10 maps out a future for the championship.

Formula 1 factories – Ferrari = BlogF1 continues its excellent series on F1 teams’ factories.

The two Sebasti??ns at Toro Rosso – On remembering the difference in spelling between Sebastien Bourdais and Sebastian Vettel.

Button wants a 2009 title shot – Jenson Button is playing the long game but is he in danger of becoming another David ‘this is my year’ Coulthard?

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  1. The Red Bulletin’s website has the issues available in PDFs, too – http://www.redbulletinf1.com/

    what i would give for a subscription to that…

  2. Yeah but downloading five archives is a bit easier than downloading each issue individually!

  3. RedBulletin is 90% fun and 10% information. It’s the right bulletin to read in F1 paddock I think :-)

  4. Thanks for linking http://i-ebooks.blogspot.com/2007/12/december-2007-huge-magazine-collection.html

    Please remove the direct links to the downloads here. The links on the original posts are working fine.


  5. I will remove those links. However I should point out the links were not working when I first went to your site – I had to inspect the code to find what they were supposed to be pointing to. That’s why I put direct links on this page, which is not something I would ordinarily do.

  6. Thanks a lot, and thanks for pointing it out! cheers!

  7. btw, you have a cool site! I am sure you spend a lot of time on it.

  8. Thanks Desmond, I appreciate it!

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  10. Hey thankss for the free dl I am saving it for later! What did other people here find the guide? From what I can tell it seems promising!! :-)

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