Fernando Alonso, Nelson Piquet Jnr, Renault R28, 2008

Renault reveals its 2008 F1 car – the R28

2008 F1 season

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Renault has a lot to make up for with its 2008 car. The R28 has to return the team to its race and championship-winning form of 2005-6.

It will be a few weeks before we know whether the new car can do that. See below for images of the R28.

Renault R28 – images

Renault also has a couple of new sponsors thanks to the return of Fernando Alonso. Universia is a Banco Santander brand – the company now dividing its F1 sponsorship between McLaren and Renault since Alonso left the former team.

Will the R28 be a winner? If not, can they at least please fix that livery?

I still think they should have used their 30th anniversary colour scheme instead (here’s some more pictures of the retro Renault).

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23 comments on “Renault reveals its 2008 F1 car – the R28”

  1. Whilst I agree the 30th anniversary colour scheme is a lot better, I really don’t mind the ING “puke” colour scheme as some have so eloquently put it.

    The Renault livery certainly isn’t boring compared to the likes of BMW, Honda, Force India and Super Aguri whose liveries are bland IMO…..unimaginative use of stickers I’d call them (even though they use paint).

  2. I’m curious about the dark black sections across the drivers’ overalls – is there supposed to be a sponsor’s name there?

  3. There’s something pure comedy gold about the pemultimate photo (the one with Nelsinho, Nando and Flav), something very “Werthers Original” about it. A perfect photo for a caption competition if I ever saw one :-D

  4. Flavio: “Fernando, we got rid of Heikki, and if this guy’s too good we’ve got Lucas di Grassi as well!”

  5. ooops, this sound a bit like Ron’s speech about “equality policy” with Hamilton… don’t worry, dear and loved son of my life… Heikki is going to be receive equal treatment here in McLaren… equal to stay behind you or equal to leave and go to another team.

  6. I don’t like R28.

    It looks like if they want to forget everything about R27, and they’ve changed too many parts. It’s like a copy-paste of all the aerodynamicals solutions used by other teams in 2007.

  7. That photo of Flav, Nelsinho and Fernando is odd – the look Piquet is giving Flavio is one of love and passion.

  8. Keith, you have missed the best pic of R28


    Ok, maybe not the best, but the most weird

  9. Nice pic Frecon!

    Alonso has said the car is 0.8 to 1s per lap slower than the McLaren and Ferrari. I assume he means around Valencia, seeing as that’s where they tested it.

  10. I liked the livery last year. Or at least I thought I did. But I’m disappointed they haven’t tweaked it at all, they must know about the negative reaction there’s been?

    For me it’s the dark blue around the nosecone and front wing that spoils it.

  11. That livery looks like a fusion between the liveries of three diferent cars:
    A 2006 Renault
    A 2007 ING Formula something (if ING sponsors lower formulas, if not we can imagine how it would be)
    A 2008 Williams-Toyota (Valencia livery) (front wing dark blue)

  12. TommyBellingham
    31st January 2008, 18:52

    UGGGGGGGGGGLY, why didnt they change that awful livery

  13. There’s an odd and slightly comedic video of the engine too…

  14. I think the livery would be much better if they had just used the ING white, blue and orange. I realize that black and yellow are traditional Renault colors, but having them in the mix just kinda ruins everything.

  15. Nice discussion about liveries…. I’m thinking that I like more and more and more Flav’s approach on how to manage his team…. I’m sure he wouldn´t expend a single euro in that kind of things, that, believe me, DO NOT WIN RACES. I can remember he once explained that it was one of the keys to win drivers and constructor championship to that team full of luxury, style and fastest cars on the grid called McLaren……

  16. It looks like those sidepods have started to melt!

  17. Turn the front configuration 90 degrees around and it reminds me of ford’s disaster the edsel’s front grille – and we know what they said it looked like – maybe flavio’s reputation has carried into the cars??

  18. The car though wouldn’t be all that bad, if all it had, was a yellow nose. Having that yellow band split the white and orange was a real catastrophe.

    How can any professional organisation endorse these clown outfits? IF this is chic, I want out.

  19. At least you can’t be confused which car it is when running on the track. If people buy yellow or other strange colored (at least to me) Ferrari’s or Lambo’s, why the outrage over this livery? The Honda’s were much worse! I like it because it’s so different and wild.

    If F1 is a circus we have our designated clown car.

  20. Believe me…. liveries don’t win races

  21. Maybe not but I’d much rather watch good-looking cars than a load of Renaults and Hondas (blech).

  22. How ironic that Renault should use such excellent photography of a truly awful paint job. I’ve just added six more of their excellent pictures of the car in motion, and there’s high resolution versions as well. Give them credit, they do an excellent job of releasing images of the car. If only it looked better…

  23. Thanks for the additional pics, it just shows that the big benefit of this color scheme is one can see all the detail of the body aero bits. I think most teams deliberately opt for dark side body paint schemes to camo their designs.

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