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Last week I invited readers to send in their plans to re-draw Formula 1 circuits.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailled in with their circuit remixes – here’s a selection of the best…


First up is Rohan who envisaged big changes to Magny-Cours:

I thought I would try and re-model Magny Cours as that seems to be the most likely to be removed from the calendar soon and so could do with the help it gets.

Following on from your segment on “past” F1 tracks you described one of the track’s problems as having cars follow each other through a fast bend before going down the long straight towards the hairpin. Thus, my first aim was to remedy this by remodelling the first few corners of the track. Now there is a complex (a little like Maggots at Silverstone or the first part of Suzuka) before a few slow corners and then (what is supposed to be) a long straight leading up to the hairpin. This section makes use of empty fields.

I have then kept most of the current middle sector so that the two fast chicanes can still be used. However, I have made the sector more challenging (I think) by having the first fast chicane lead into a long 180 turn almost immediately.

After the second fast chicane, the track has been changed completely so as to remove the need for the Lycee chicane. Instead, after Chateau d’Eau, there is a medium speed right, then a slight left flick before a high speed, long radius, right and then a left flick before rejoining the start-finish straight.

Although some of the squiggles are unintentional (I don’t seem able to find an eraser), they may (or may not) improve my original plans.

Dan Brunell

Dan suggested some subtle changes to Albert Park in Melbourne:

Albert Park with the following modifications:

– Turn 3 and 4 turned into a three apex fast s-curves. These changes will quicken the slowest part of the track.

– The back straight chicane is removed and the high speed “kink” chicane is straightened. This, along with the widening of the track by 10 feet will encourage move a slipstream battles on the back straight while negotiating the high speed turns.

These changes will make this course one of the fastest "street" circuits made while challenging the drivers with a blistering assortment of high speed turns and multiple opportunities to pass on a braking zone and slipstream.

Alianora la Canta

Alianora sent in three track remixes, including a more radical version of Albert Park, and re-located the Bahrain and Spanish Grands Prix:

This version of Melbourne is supposed to be a bit longer for extra challenge. It also uses a few of the streets to make Melbourne feel less cramped. However, the general medium-fast character of the circuit is retained, since I quite like many parts of the circuit.

I really don’t like the Bahrain GP. It’s dull, flat and featureless. So I decided to actually use some of the undulations to the east of the location. There’s also a combination of exciting fast turns and some nasty hairpins.

The inspiration for this track was Suzuka. Why aren’t there more circuits with figures-of-eight? Anyway, this slightly unconventional circuit also features a fast-paced run past parkland, a couple of overtaking spots in the second third of the lap and another decent on towards the end of the lap. I think I may have put the track in the wrong part of Barcelona, though…

James Brickles

James straightened out the Hungaroring:

There are two changes to this track, the first one is the removal of the top chicane and the second one is the removal of 3 corners that follow. This makes the track less twisty and more faster. Doesn’t really increase overtaking, but it makes the Hungarian GP more fun.

(As for the glitch at Turn 5, it’s supposed to go all the way round and then go straight to the exit of the chicane)

Eric M

Lastly, Eric M who really went to town and drew up a load of ideas. These are Shanghai, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Hockenheim, the Nurburgring (incorporating part of the old track – very nice) and Doningont Park.

Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas for circuit remixes. If you want to see how these maps were created have a look at this.

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  1. I would have remixed the Hungaroring but couldn’t work out how to insert a mushroom cloud…

  2. Funny Dave, I felt that way trying to “fix” Fuji, Shanghai, and Indy.

    I dare not touch Spa as you cannot improve on protection. The only change I could see to Monza is take out the first chicane and extend the run-off area.

    PS: I know you limited it to current F1 tracks, but I have a revision of Laguna Seca for F1 use. Here it is:

  3. I dare not touch Spa as you cannot improve on PERFECTION!!!

    I need to proof before I post. Sorry.

  4. Dan, you and I had roughly the same idea for Laguna Seca, lol. Not really a whole lot that can be done with that circuit.

    Also, a few more I did, if I may:




  5. I quite like Eric M’s new Hockenheimring. It looks like a decent compromise between the old one and Hermann Tilke’s newer emasculated effort.

  6. Eric M’s version of Indy is PERFECT – finally a track worthy of the location.

  7. Perhaps in the next year we will not watch F1 at TV, we will follow it online on google maps ;)
    Thanks for collecting the circuits.

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