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Here are two more videos of the recent Formula 1 tests, covering the session most of the teams attended last week at the Circuit de Catalunya.

It includes footage of Red Bull’s unusual new rear engine cover design as well as a couple of the drivers making mistakes and going off.

The first video shows Fernando Alonso getting into his Renault and leaving the pits. There are several cars going through W???rth including Mark Webber in the Red Bull with its unusual extended engine fin, and David Coulthard without one. Heikki Kovalainen arrives at the corner and is briefly delayed by a Toro Rosso.

Then the action switches to the Seat corner, where Rubens Barrichello drags his Honda out of the gravel, and Kovalainen kicks the rear end of the McLaren out.

The sequence ends with close-ups of Lewis Hamilton in his garage.

The second video starts at the fiddly chicane that was installed before last year’s race.

This sequence includes some shots of the crowd, mostly shouting support to Alonso and reacting to some encouragement from the Renault team. There isn’t any footage of the taunting that led to the row over racism (at least if there is I can’t understand it because it’s all in Spanish!)

Some of the later footage appears to have been edited and narrated for broadcast in Spain, and shows Hamilton gets his McLaren crossed up at the chicane and Alonso locks his brakes at turn one.

There’s interview with Alonso (Spanish), Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, all either in Spanish or dubbed into Spanish. Lastly there are some shots of BMW’s unusual nose wing arrangement and Jenson Button in the new Honda.

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12 comments on “Video: F1 testing at Barcelona (part 3)”

  1. can’t say the fans are not passionate :-)

  2. where do you get such high quality videos from? do you attend ?

  3. I can’t claim any credit for them – a guy on Youtube uploads them!

  4. Type-r-Avatar
    6th February 2008, 10:03

    The second video is dubbed in Italian and then spanish :)

    And I think the first thing the guy (with the tannoy) says is something bad about Lewis…

    Keep up the good work mate, I have just discovered your site, and I am loving it :)

  5. WOW, I’ve just discovered this site too! It’s simply the best in the net.

    Keep it up!

  6. i have to admit, hearing the cars nowadays without that familiar rumble of traction control is great. Its sounds so pure and clean. i remember at the Malaysian Grand Prix that the BMW’s had extremely hardworking traction control, as it was always the loudest when coming out of the hairpin. Is that a design of the car or is it the drivers? will that reflect in their lap times?

  7. For your info the guy with the loudspeaker is shouting in Spanish “Hamilton m********** , you are a cheater and Alonso is God…”.

    Then the naration began (in italian)describing the hooligan style ambience against LH and that only ML seems to be good enough to match Ferraris’ performance.

    The naration switched to Catalonian and there were coments on all teams: Renault having problems with the gearbox, ML saying that are confident and that this year´s car is treating the wheels better, BMW aerodinamic changes and that Bourdais´s toro rosso may be this year’s surprise.

  8. What is the thing on top of the Renault’s airbox and is it legal? It looks like some kind of flow conditioner to help the rear wing.

    I thought there was a maximum height dimension.

  9. Looks to me like a pitot tube, Steven. The other teams have aerials at that point, presumably for the onboard cameras, and Renault seem to have combined theirs with a pitot tube. It may just be intended for use in testing, perhaps to gather data in undisturbed air.

  10. You know, I think spectators at the Grands Prix next year might have a tough time telling the BMW and the Honda apart! They look pretty similar from the side and I bet that might cause confusion for some fans…

  11. nah it’s easy to tell as the BMW is actually going fast!

  12. I agree, I don’t think they will be close enough to one another to get confused.

    Plus, BMW has a 2003 spec-looking wing, while Honda is only about 3 years behind…. I hope there both on to something as everyone else seems to be going with a different wing design.

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