F1 news review: McLaren pulled back into spy row

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McLaren 2008 MP4/23 launchTop McLaren personnel Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, Paddy Lowe and Mike Coughlan (who is still ‘suspended’ rather than ‘fired’) are among those to face questioning from Italian magistrates conducting their own investigation into the spying case.

Plus further developments in the Lewis Hamilton racism row, interviews with past F1 greats Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney, and a plane painted to look like Nico Rosberg.

Italian magistrate to question McLaren bosses – The spy scandal returns to the headlines.

Fan claims circuit did nothing to stop abuse – Perspective from a fan in the grandstands at the Barcelona test session when Lewis Hamilton was racially abused.

I am not a racist, says Spanish fan who ‘blacked-up’ for Hamilton – Elsewhere this was reported as “Spaniard who abused Hamilton claims ‘We only did it for a laugh'” although the story doesn’t actually quote him saying those words.

AirAsia paints up A320 in the colours of Williams F1 Grand Prix car – complete with Nico Rosberg’s helmet colours.

Gurney built great career – feature on one of America’s best F1 drivers, Dan Gurney.

Home for winning Brabham formula – The Brabham-Repco that Jack Brabham won the 1966 world drivers’ and constructors’ title in has gone on display in a museum in Australia. Brabham remains the only driver to have won the title in a car of his own.

A racing car gathered by Moss – an interview with an F1 legend – Stirling Moss on the good old days.

Conway in young driver programme – Kent news profile local driver Mike Conway who has joined the Honda Driver Development programme.

The start of a new trend? – Rumour that Williams is to create a permanent test team facility in Spain.

I won’t leave Formula 1 yet, vows David Coulthard – Red Bull driver plays down rumours of a switch to NASCAR.

Egmont’s top ten F1 drivers – Part one of a look at the best drivers in F1 today.

Formula One team Renault sign up Japanese test driver – Renault signs Sakon Yamamoto. Anyone know why? They’ve already got Romain Grosjean and Lucas di Grassi.

Alonso envious of Ferrari ride – Is Fernando Alonso planning to move to Ferrari in the near future?

Schumacher becomes a team owner – Michael Schumacher sets up kart team.

Ferrari’s $100m head start – Ferrari land a windfall after winning the 2007 championships.

Honda offer staff $2000 bonus for win – Sounds like a safe bet to me.

Ecclestone and Briatore exclusive – “Football’s something that goes on when Formula 1’s in its off season” – vintage Ecclestone.

Forget the A1 Ring – Bid to save Austrian track fails.

Arabian ace tipped for F1 future – As motor sport looks to the east, potential future drivers are emerging. This is Hamad al Fardan.

Christian Klien on his new role, the 2008 season, and beyond – The Austrian racer has joined BMW as a test driver.

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