IRL-Champ Car reunion: it’s looking good

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More promising news today that not only might the IRL and Champ Car finally re-unify, but they might even do it in time for the 2008 season.

This can only be good news for open wheel racing in America. The prospect of Justin Wilson, Graham Rahal, Paul Tracy et al taking on Dan Wheldon, Marco Andretti and Danica Patrick is hugely exciting.

The chief sticking point at the moment is the date clash between the proposed rounds at Motegi and Long Beach – but the Japanese round may be able to move back one week.

Here’s hoping this gets sorted and American Open Wheel Racing can finally get back on its feet. Dario Franchitti and Sam Hornish Jnr may have jumped ship too soon…

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3 comments on “IRL-Champ Car reunion: it’s looking good”

  1. I hope they get together, becuse i, an open wheel racing fan for 30 years, start to feel nascar more atractive than that champ car thing.
    Please god forgive me.

  2. Why not let it be, as the song goes. If IRL fails, there is always other racing. Champ Car at least has more racing factors to consider than just a Honda motor…Does anyone on the IRL teams actually drive Honda? The whole Japanese model only is in place to be self serving to promote Honda….Who really wants to drive Hondas? More children die in Honda Civics emulating racing even the team owners know this fact! Maybe IRL really should be at the Formula 1 level and if it fails because Honda can’t compete with Mercedes, Ferrari,etc. Let the Japanese do IRL in Japan…We love America and who needs Honda’s trying to be something they obviously are not! Try racing IRL, open wheel at the audobohn, or better yet Silverstone. There is no translation of safety, or design extended to our streets in America. God bless America, keep Hondas in Japan! No life guard at the pool-No Swimming Allowed!

  3. IRL is lost without drivers like Sam and DArio..The only one left is Helio and he understands the where the lines are drawn. Too bad Sam and Dario couldn’t have stayed on so the others could watch and learn from them. Sam and Dario both have great character, it is a pleasure to see them, wherever they are! IRL couldn’t keep such great drivers because there is no sportsmanship, this sport is not for babies or really for immature people…Racing used to be a family activity, but the new Japanese run IRL doesn’t appreciate American family values, so they loose. God Bless Dario and Ashley and Sam and Chrystal and the new baby! Too bad IRL couldn’t keep them, maybe you should ask why they left?

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