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The row over racism in Formula 1 following the abuse of Lewis Hamilton in Spain last week propelled the sport onto the front pages of many newspapers and led to a frenzy of coverage.

Here’s a cross-section of reaction from a range of blogs including sites about F1, Spain, general sport, black people and more, with a predictably broad spectrum of opinions. There were a few people talking about other things, but this was undoubtedly the talking point of the week.


Race taunts at the Barcelona testing track – Alchemy V blog.

Face up to it – Orange news blog.

True sportsmanship? – Interesting thoughts of an indusiastic utopian.

Lewis Hamilton racially abused by Spanish F1 fans – Formula 1 Australia.

Public display of racism – Tidor.

Racism in Spain – Lewis Hamilton and the F1 disgrace – Notes from Spain.

Black racer, Lewis Hamilton, faces racism in Spain – Black voices.

Spanish F1 fans jeopardise race – F1 underground.

Lewis Hamilton’s name is blackened in Spain – Anorak.

My say on racism towards Hamilton @ Times Online – All talk and no trousers.

FIA responds to behaviour of fans at Catalunya – Blog F1.

Media hypocrisy is making the F1 racism issue worse – Doctorvee.

Lewis sees the dark side – Tomas Tales.

More Lewis Hamilton abuse – The F1 pit box.

Lewis Hamilton – Black looks.

Go to hell Spain – The beatniks celebrity gossip.

Spanish fans’ racist jibes require firm action, not mere lip service – The Guardian.

The idiot fringe – Motorsport ramblings.

Lewis Hamilton vs F1 Prixs – Daily Telegraph.

Why, Spanish fans? – Absolutely Alex’s adventures, life and times.

Racist taunting at sporting events draws fines – Kalagenesis.

The knee-jerk reaction to racism in F1 – In the slipstream.

Spanish GPs threatened amid racial tension – Planet Earth.

Take a different angle on Spanish F1 fans – F1-togo.

Racism – F1 must stamp on it now – Motorsport.

Hamilton and racism – Turn one.

Their blackface should make F1 fans red-faced – The sports oasis.

It will take a personality of Alonso’s status to squeeze this filthy behaviour out of F1 – Autocar.

F1 hooligans – Axis of Oversteer.

There’s a reason they call them fanatics – F1 blog.

Way to go Lewis – Fastmachines.

Motorsport or football? – Ferrariworld blog.

Lewis Hamilton racially abused – Force India F1.

Hamilton saddened at racial abuse in Spain – Formula 1 blog.

Leave Alonso and Spain alone – Linksheaven.

Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton, racism and Barcelona – Spanish football and sports.

Mierda – El nuevo pantano.

Racing fans in Spain taunt Lewis Hamilton with blackface – Afrospear.


VJM01: Force India’s chariot through the 2008 F1 season unveiled – More Indian interest in F1’s new Indian team.

FIA threaten Spanish sanctions after Lewis Hamilton racially abused – Well, what d’ya know…

ING Renault F1 team blog – Renault have launched a new blog and social networking site, although I’ve made a few attempts to upload images to it and so far nothing has happened. Nonetheless you can find me there under the name F1Fanatic.

Melbourne Grand Prix in doubt – Australian Grand Prix organisers aren’t ready to set up a night race yet.

F1 and the French municipal elections – Could politics in France see the relocation of the French Grand Prix?

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9 comments on “F1 blogs review – Racism and more”

  1. I think it would be appropriate for Alonso to publicly denounce this racist behavior.

  2. I think it would be appropriate for Hamilton the retract the swipes he took at Alonso after Valencia which started the hooligans behavior.

  3. Criticism does not justify racism.

    I can understand why some people don’t like Lewis Hamilton, what he has done or what he has said. But none of it could ever justify giving him racial abuse, and the same goes for any other human being.

  4. Two weeks ago in this very site I declared this a “non-story”, “ignor it” I said. WE didn’t, WE made an mountain of a molehill, and over time this week I’ve got some backing, these clipped from some popular sites:

    Webber said he believes that some of the worst behaviour regarding the racism controversy was conducted by the media.

    Massa, de la Rosa, play down racism scandal ……….

    I suspect these folks are closer to the problem than we,
    I concur with them!

  5. You may think it’s been blown out of proportion – I certainly wouldn’t describe much of the coverage in the British papers as ‘restrained’ or even ‘accurate’.

    But it does not mean that racist abuse didn’t happen and it does not justify the actions of the people involved who, as Webber said, were: “absolutely out of order.”

  6. It has nothing to do with Alonso!


    This is an F1 site not a European Human Rights Convention!

  7. Just keep it going Keith …….. WE, are the bigger problem!
    The cops handled the hooligans,
    WE, (F1 fans) made it headlines.

  8. Guys,
    I’m catalan and I’ve seen all footage available and there is no racial abuse at all, at least that has been caught by the cameras.
    I first condemned the attacks and would do it again but that’s not the case: THERE WAS NO RACIST ABUSE!!! If Lewis had not been black the insults would have been the same, honestly. It looks like british media was just trying to sell more papers and probably it worked out.
    People was “absolutely out of order”? Yes, sure. But no racial abuse…

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