Poll: which is the best-looking 2008 car?

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The 2008 F1 grid has almost taken shape – all the teams bar Super Aguri have their new cars out and only Williams are yet to (officially) reveal their final livery. Toro Rosso are going to start the season with last year’s car.

So, who’d got the best looking racer? Cast your vote below.

Ferrari F2008

More images of the Ferrari F2008

BMW F1.08

More images of the BMW F1.08

Renault R28

More images of the Renault R28

Williams-Toyota FW30

The image below shows what is believed to be the 2008 Williams livery.

More images of the Williams-Toyota FW30

Red Bull-Renault RB4

More images of the Red Bull-Renault RB4

Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR2B

Toyota TF108

More images of the Toyota TF108

Honda RA108

More images of the Honda RA108

Force India-Ferrari VJM01

More images of the Force India-Ferrari VJM01

McLaren-Mercedes MP4/23

More images of the McLaren-Mercedes MP4/23

This poll has closed. Results are as follows:

1. Ferrari F2008 – 107 votes / 33%
2. McLaren-Mercedes MP4/23 – 54 / 17%
3. Williams-Toyota FW30 – 42 / 13%
4. Force India-Ferrari VJM01 – 39 / 12%
5. BMW F1.08 – 26 / 8%
6. Honda RA108 – 18 / 6%
7. Renault R28 – 14 / 4%
8. Red Bull-Renault RB4 – 11 / 3%
9. Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari STR2B – 7 / 2%
10. Toyota RA108 – 2 / 1%

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Toyota F1 World | HondaRacingF1.com | Force India F1 Team | Daimler

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33 comments on “Poll: which is the best-looking 2008 car?”

  1. All pretty. Pretty ugly that is.

    I vote Williams as the prettiest though.

  2. Williams, for sure. Although good to see gold making a come-back with Force India.

  3. Honda, all the way!

    j/k. I voted for Williams. :D

  4. The silver McLaren is the most beautiful race car ever!

    …and you just can’t go wrong with red,the Ferraris look fast even when stationary.

    Looks like most everyone else agrees judging by the votes!

  5. God, I’m sorry, I don’t know why, but I voted for Honda. Must be stress or something :-D

  6. wow… i didnt think anyone could out ugly the Renault livery… but wtf is honda thinking? what a total mess.

    I really like the new shape of the renault.. its nose and other bits are kind of cool. But the paint job is beyond hideous.

    I guess I am going to have to vote for Force India. I do like me some gold on the car… reminds me of the 60’s lotus….

    (ok. In reality the Ferrari is the best looking car on the grid. i just hate em to much to consider voting for them for anything.)

  7. i hate ferrari as well but i feel they will be the team to beat this yr!

  8. I would say Williams. I’m really liking the paint and the aero-package is nice.

    The Uglyest would be the Mcclaren. I don’t like the little rod under the air-intake and the long pointy thing at the top just looks weird.

  9. Two things come into play; livery and body designs. The body designs are similar if not identical but the Ferrari’s and McLarens seem to have mastered the blending of all the geegaws.

    As far as livery, the Toro Rosso has to be the best.

  10. As usual, the Ferrari – I’m attracted to most things red anyway, but I love their recent agressive looks as well as the return to a darker shade of red (unlike the Vodaphone plastered cars).

    My number 2 spot would have to be Renault – some may call it ugly but it’s just not boring like the rest of the grid.

  11. The Williams with the new aero package is by far best looking of the cars on the current grid. The most unique, and the most ground breaking. As to wether its fast or not, we’ll just have to wait and see, but it got my vote.

    Ferrari was a close second.

    Renault’s livery this year looks like utter crap. They should go back to the light blue national color scheme they ran in the past.

  12. Why did I say Williams?

    I’m an idiot.

    BMW is what I meant to say, and who I voted for. I always loved the devil horns on the airstack, and now adding another set makes their car look completely badass.

    *hides back in the shadows*

  13. I voted for Williams, I like the dark blue :-). But I would prefere them to race in all blue instead of more likely blue/white …

    Ferrari is a classic, McLaren and Force India are creative with the colors

    Can we vote for the worst ? Toyota, Toro Rosso, Renault in no particular order :-)

  14. Williams earns my vote- I think the two-color paint job looks very good. While i’m not a Ferrari fan by any stretch, the color scheme is a real classic, so I need to throw them some bonus points in this discussion

    Building on the issue presented by Milos on who is the worst, Honda’s paint job is absolutley HORRIBLE. I know Ross is new to the place, but either keep the eco-friendly livery on the whole car or get a real title sponsor. Toyota and Renault don’t look much better, but Honda takes the prize in this department.

  15. I love Ferrari, but you just can’t beat that blue and white on the Williams…

  16. It’s not that the Toyota livery is horrible, it’s that it’s been the same ever since they got into F1 – white with a red splash. BORING.

  17. 119 votes so far – none for Toyota. Ooof.

  18. yeah the Ferrari really is pretty, the Renault design is nice but the livery is hideous for real. The Williams I think is really good looking so it was between the Ferrari and that, so I voted the underdog :)

  19. The best looking car is debatable but the worst is certainly the Honda, and I’m not referring to paint work. The car design even looks worse than the very old ForceIndia.

  20. The Honda paint job is horrible, I can’t help it.

  21. I’ve voted for McLaren, though none of them are especially inspiring this year. I will grant McLaren, Ferrari and BMW one thing though – they’ve found a paint job that isn’t offensive and stuck with it.

    Williams’ is better than last year if they’re using the livery photographed. I have the same reservations with Renault as I did last year (it’s OK from the side, but I can’t stand the view from the front). Red Bull and Toro Rosso still look too similar to each other and would benefit from better differentiation – though their basic colour schemes both work reasonably well. Toyota’s is bland, Honda’s would be good if it wasn’t for the weird blob on the side and Force India’s looks incomplete (swap the white on the main part of the car for interim-spec burgundy and you’d have a really good paint scheme).

  22. Let’s see…………I vote for the………Vanwall, for 1958.

    Oh, it’s for 2008!!!!

    Then, since they are all the “same” car, in the aerodominated sense, I’ll vote for my favorite….base color. That would be Chrome, only slightly beating out that Italian-Perfect Red.

    What would anyone think about a reversal of the, impossible to avoid, concept…”form follows function”, to wit, “function follows form”. It would appear from the grid sheets over the last few years, and the voting for this contest, that we may have exactly that situation. Beauty brings about speed. It would be nice to see all the Grand Prix teams developing an Aesthetics Dept.(increase the employment possibilities for painters, photographers, sculptors, dancers[???}). After which we could look forward to the development of, perhaps, Depts. of Philosophy, or Metaphysics. Kick the whole GP show up a notch!

  23. Well, i voted for Williams! I sincerely hope that they can come back to the good old winning days! Not yet this year i’m affraid. Not while they have those underpowered engines. Meanwhile if that engine is as bad as they say, what could Williams do if they had other? Well, given by the performances of that thing they call Toyota, i would say pretty well…

  24. i like the front half of the the honda car, force india car looks ok, mcclaren with pink for vodafone looks out of place. best looking livery has to be TORO-ROSSO. overall best looking car has to Ferrari. simply because there aren’t that many cars that look good.

  25. Honda all the way! so much better than last year.

  26. Ugliest: Force India
    Best looking: Ferrari

  27. …And the Super Aguri?


  28. Not out yet, and from reports today it might not be seen until the first race, if at all.

  29. Keith,

    Did you see that?


    I think that this livery concept is beautiful than any other 2008 Formula 1 car. And, of course, feed some dreams…


  30. Becken, those mock Audi liveries are stunning, way better than any of the 2008 cars, especially the silver and gold one. If only Audi would join F1, especially if they badged themselves as Lamborghini.

  31. Roswellite must be as old as me. WE know good looking when we see it ………. VANWALL gets my vote also.

  32. BMW.Sauber4lyfe
    27th October 2008, 14:41

    Gotta love the look of the Force-India’s

  33. Nathan Haseldine
    2nd December 2008, 18:22

    I think the Toyota looks stunning

    I hope we finish 4th next season !

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