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In the F1 news this week Red Bull are auctioning one of their Formula 1 cars on eBay.

Plus Mark Webber urges Melbourne to do what it can to keep the Australian Grand Prix, and a film festival will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Jim Clark’s death.

How much are we bid for this Formula 1 car? – Red Bull auctions an ex-David Coulthard F1 car on eBay with a starting price of ?����?�1 (74p).

Valencia expects 112,700 fans in August – Big crowd expected for the first race on the streets of Valencia – but I wonder how many more people will watch the race from nearby buildings?

Webber tells Australia to fight for night race – Mark Webber warns his countrymen that it’s best to let Bernie Ecclestone have his way.

Jim Clark Film Festival – A selection of films about the great Scottish driver and two-times world champion will be screened later this month ahead of the 40th anniversary of his death.

Force India continue arbitration case – The row over customer cars, which prevented Prodrive joining F1 as the 12th team this year, rumbles on.

Another bidder emerges for struggling Aguri – Now a Russian group is linked with a bid to buy the Japanese team.

Nakajima and Piquet – Like father like son? – Kazuki Nakajima and Nelson Piquet Jnr – sons of Saturo Nakajima and Nelson Piquet – will start their first full season this year, 20 years since their fathers were team mates at Lotus.

Hamilton honoured by Grenada – Lewis Hamilton is made an Ambassador for the country.

Who’s worse – these Spanish F1 fans or the frothing British media? – More on the racism row, albeit a bit more restrained than some publications

Racism, what racism, asks Spain – Racism or misunderstanding?

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5 comments on “F1 news review: Lot 1 – A Red Bull F1 car”

  1. Why would you want to buy a Red Bull? It’d break down before you got back from the auction house.

  2. I should have mentioned it’s last year’s RB3, in case that makes a difference. I’m surprised they’re happy to let technology as recent as that go to a private buyer.

  3. Maybe that just goes to show how much they actually thought of the RB3.

  4. TommyBellingham
    15th February 2008, 18:19

    Maybe McLaren will buy it ;)

  5. look it’s a 1:1 scale static model – a bit better than all those red bull cans that seem to litter the countryside about here – just!! – as for the jc film festival brilliant idea – I lived in the borders where he farmed and regularly drove on the same roads he did and the tales locally of him and his friends were great – it would be good if some of this event were to be televised for those of his now older fans could hear and see tales of our hero again.

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