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Christijan Albers, Tiago Monteiro, MidlandF1-Toyota, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2006 | / Crash.netHere’s a selection of F1 questions I’ve been emailled recently – and my attempts at answering them.

If you’ve got a question do email it in and please help out with any of the requests below if you can…

Ian wrote in with this question:

Has Fuji the next few years hosting the GP – or is it to go back to Suzuka (and when)?

The Fuji Speedway will host the Japanese Grand Prix again this year but it will return to Suzuka in 2009. After that the two venues, Fuji owned by Toyota and Suzuka by Honda, are expected to rotate hosting the Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka held the Japanese Grand Prix from 1987-2006.

Bongs asked:

Does anyone know when the tickets for the Valencia GP will be released? and where is the best place to buy them from?

Tickets for the 2008 European Grand Prix at Valencia go on sale at the end of this month. They’ll be priced between ??200 and ??500 (??149-??372) and you can get them through the official Circuito Urbano Valencia website.

Daniel Oduber wants to know about inter-team crashes:

Hi! Excellent page! I saw the crash between teanmates, but I have a question, who’s the driver that crashed more times with his team mate?

I’ve not got any statistics on it by I’d put money on it being Andrea de Cesaris. The Italian had a lot of incidents in his 214 appearances at a Grand Prix weekend, one of the most memorable was his collision with team mate Alex Caffi at Pheonix in 1989. Caffi was running third when de Cesaris put him in the wall as Caffi tried to lap him…

Mike Gaston asks:

Could you tell me where to look for comparative pre season practice times from 2007? I’m finding this stage of the season quite frustrating since I can’t remember which teams were doing what at this time last year.

I use’s subscription service – as well as having their own testing centre you get access to the comprehensive Forix database, both of which have testing data going back several years. It’s not free, but it’s worth it.

Finally can anyone help out with this difficult question from Bruce Miller:

I am trying to find a web site where I can watch the 2008 season. I am now in a remote jungle location, but with satellite Internet but no access to TV or the Speed channel. Is that a web site where one can subscribe in order to watch the races during the season? Cheers from the jungles of Belize.

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25 comments on “Your questions: Team mate crashes and more”

  1. In reply to Bruce Miller’s query, I believe the F1 season will be capped (again,like in 2007) by the Scene Groups that bring the regular american showsl ikePrison breakandLost to the Web. They’ll be on Rapidshare so might be an idea to get a Rapidshare Premium Account and then Watch F1 in alot better quality. Look Out for Orenji Releases, they usually cap the races.

  2. It may be too late but if bruce millar had purchased a sling box – attached it to his tv – provided his tv stations showed F1 – he would be able to view his tv anywhere in the world – change channels and view any recorded programs on his video etc – we use one in scotland for our asian partners to view in real time what we broadcast.

  3. Wasn’t there a crash involving team mates with one of their mechanics crushed in between on the start line of one race. Which one was it?

  4. Yeah that was Riccardo Patrese and Siegfried Stohr in the 1981 Belgian Grand Prix. The mechanic’s name was Dave Luckett. You can see a video of it here.

  5. Bongs, I hope Valencia doesn’t face the same troubles Singapore did with selling tickets. :)

  6. A solution for Bruce – go to and download a piece of software called sop cast. These are asian TV channels that stream their broadcast over the net. It is completely free. You will find channels like ESPN and STAR Sports (both asian channels for english speaking audience) that broadcast F1. This is a good way of keeping on top of motor racing like Nascar, International F3 other sports like premiership footy.

  7. has a channel called Wheels which is actually Speed TV. It covers practise and qualifying sessions as well as the races. Their commentators are really good and don’t pitch the commentary at the absolute beginner audience. They assume people understand the sport and get on with given the information you want.

    On the subject of team mate crashes I remember Christian Fittipaldi in a Minardi launching off the back of his team mate’s car on the run to the line at Monza on year. That must be the most spectacular team mate crash.

  8. TommyBellingham
    18th February 2008, 17:40

    I hope the valencia tickets dont have the same chaos as Singapore. Ive already booked my holiday :|

  9. I believe Coulthard and Hakkinen had some crashes…
    Jerez 96? is one if i’m not wrong, and i believe they made contact more then this one time.

  10. estoril 96 that must be :)

  11. Steven that TVUNetworks thing is excellent – definitely going to be using that this year.

  12. DC and Hakkinen collided in Austria (1998?), I think I remember that one. (They also made a bit of contact at the start of Belgium 1999 after Hakkinen almost jumped the start but caught it in time, but it wasn’t major.)

  13. Ralf had the occasional coming-together with a team mate, didn’t he? I seem to remember a season where the Jordans spent much of the time tangling in the sandpit…

  14. Montoya has a pretty bad habit of tangling with his team mates too – at least four occations spring to mind: with team mate Ralf Schumacher at Indy in 2002 and at Nurburgring in 2004, with Kimi Raikkonnen at Indy in 2006 and brought the habit with him to NASCAR where he spun off his race leading team mate Scott Pruett with eight laps left to take the win himself…

  15. … the last one was last year’s race in Mexico City…

  16. I’ve gone through the statistics I can find, and still don’t know who crashed into their team-mate the most in the history of F1. However, I have found out how many intra-team collisions resulting in at least one driver retiring from the race the current grid has been involved in:

    Fisichella: 5 (Monaco 1996, Spain 1996, Europe 1997, Canada 2001, Europe 2002)
    Webber: 3 (Brazil 2004, Brazil 2005 and Brazil 2006 – I detect a pattern there…)
    Barrichello: 3 (Spa 1998)
    Heidfeld: 2 (Austria 2000, Brazil 2005)
    Trulli: 2 (Spa 1998, Italy 2000)
    Coulthard: 2 (Portugal 1996, Spa 1998)
    Rosberg: 1 (Brazil 2006)
    Raikkonen: 1 (Indianapolis 2006)
    Sato: 1 (Europe 2002)
    Button: 1 (Canada 2001)

  17. Sorry, I missed one. Fisichella’s race-ending intra-team collision total should read 6, because I somehow forgot to put the Argentina 1997 one in. I know it looks like a high total, but in his defence three of the six intra-team collisions ending in a retirement for at least one of the cars involved a rookie team-mate…

  18. Nice job Alianora. One query: Coulthard wasn’t involved in Hakkinen’s crash at Spa ’98?

  19. “DC and Hakkinen collided in Austria (1998?),”

    I think that was 1999. Coulthard punted Hakkinen off on the first lap. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Coulthard then failed to prevent Eddie Irvine from taking the lead, allowing Eddie to take maximum points, while Hakkinen had to settle for third in a race he could have easily won.

    Coulthard was really on his “A” game that day, lol.

  20. 1989 Suzuka comes to mind.

  21. “I think that was 1999.”

    Right enough, well remembered. 1998 was a Mclaren one-two at the A1-Ring.

  22. Bruce. Streaming Video in a jungle may be a problem. try then register for viewing the live timing page. this is the screen available in the pit lane shows lap time and track possitions. the guys in run a typed update to proceedings as well.
    :-) Tom.

  23. Suzuka 1989 was a minor accident involving Prost and Senna.

  24. “Suzuka 1989 was a minor accident involving Prost and Senna.”

    It almost went unnoticed, didn’t it? ;)

  25. Sorry about the Hakkinen/Coulthard thing – I must have misread a source…

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