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Max Mosley had several important and interesting things to say in his latest interview with The Times but what grabbed my attention was the but where he admitted to reading F1 blogs:

I don’t mind flak – I come from a family where we have had flak all our lives – but I realise some people do. I love reading the blogs when they are being furious about me, it’s very entertaining, and there is the odd one which defends me. But F1 simply cannot divorce itself from the zeitgeist.

This got me wondering, what happens when Max Mosley types his name into Google?

Max Mosley on Google (click to enlarge)

This F1 Fanatic article pops up at number five: Ten videos Max Mosley should watch.

I think he gets plenty of criticism as well as praise when it’s due. If you’re reading, Max, please leave a comment or get in touch it’d be great to get some feedback from you.

I met ex-Autosport journalist Nigel Roebuck today for an interview that’ll be on this site in a few days’ time. He said he’d asked Mosley why F1 doesn’t have things like free-to-air radio which NASCAR has that would be great for F1. Mosley agreed, but hasn’t got the manufacturers to agree to it. I wonder how many things like that get blocked because the teams are paranoid about change.

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27 comments on “Max Mosley is an F1 blogs fan”

  1. I did the search right and your post came at 4th :-)

  2. 5th also on swedish google, but with two wikipedia entries above,

    btw, those videos are just great. unfortunatelly..

  3. Perhaps Max’s fan of blogging (where you can say what you want because on the internet everyone’s entitled to an opinion, right?) gave him the excuse he needed to make such scandalous / possibly libellous ‘observations’ of Ron Dennis and Jackie Stewart last season??

  4. The problem imho is a big money one.
    Teams, CVC, FIA etc..every one wants the F1 to healthy and want its share.

    I’d be very glad to discuss with max mosley that would be interesting.

  5. Maybe Max Mosley isn’t hopeless after all. He has done much to repair his reputation (at least to some extent) in the last few months, thanks to his quick actions in the Hamilton testing fracas, as well as his comments which seem to point to being a wee bit more open to change in the sport.

  6. I just read the bit of the interview on pitpass and found that he still wants downforce reduced by 50% for 2009.

    While he’s quite realistic that this won’t happen to the extent, i quite feel we here with an example of a wrong direction.

    Cutting by 50% downforce can’t allow for the cars to go at the same speeds than now (even with better tyres).

    He did plan on slowing down the cars on the basis “slower=better racing”.

    Of course i disagree on that but more…will we end up with another “affordable open wheeler series” like A1/FN/GP2/IRL/CCWS/SLF etc…

    That’s dull, i can’t see the point watching car from different classes being driven exactly the same way..

    Take a look at onboard cameras of Spa that has been run this year by several different classes of race car.

    in addition to driver’s technic differencies you can spot real differiencies between the cars.

    GP2 pilots that come into F1 mention that F1 require another driving style from GP2 because of speed.

    If it goes out..where’s the point?

  7. I wonder if he reads f1fanatic then….

    You never no, he might be “the odd one which defends” himself. I cant see anyone else doing it. :P

  8. I did the search!yours came second on the list!!!

  9. For me, one thing about Mosley is certain, he’s words are not turstworthy.

    Just one example from last year(Mosley’s own words in his letter to the McLaren drivers, regarding the email evidance):

    “I can confirm, given the importance of this issue, that any information you may make available in response to this letter will not result in any proceedings against you under the International Sporting Code or the Formula One regulations.”

    But later after McLaren were thrown out, we were reading news about how Mosley wanted to see McLaren pair excluded, he said it is his “personal opinion” that McLaren “logically” should have also lost the drivers’ points as well. Excuse me, wasn’t he the one who offered the drivers amnesty at first place??? To it’s quite like this: I confirmed/I promised that I’ll buy you a present. But no, IMHO I really should not have bought it for you…

    Mosley may know much much more about F1 than me, but it’s things like these that made it really hard for me to trust his decisions.

  10. Sorry Max, you should not be LEADING anything in motorsports, you should be REGULATING and ADMINISTERING the rules of a series as created and adopted by THAT series.

    His ego and need to see his face in the media and read his own words propels himself into the limelight. has he done any good for F1. Someone please list his accomplishments in the last dozen years, if you get past one hand I’ll be surprised. And PLEASE don’t even think of listing his handling of “spygate” as an achievement.

  11. Max’s achievements in full

    1. He got rid of Balestre

    2. erm … well that’s it

  12. Steven, to be fair to Max, he has done some substantial things as FIA president. Most notably, he pushed for a more comprehensive set of road safety standards that are still in use today.

  13. I have been critical of Max for years. So there is absolutely nothing he can do to surprise ever again. We like to disagree with authority it is what makes us human. We like to question every thing. We need to know why. It is just this reason that Max gives absolutely no credit to us or what we have to say. “complaining is human nature”. His ego will not allow him to even fathom the idea that he may have made a bad decesion, ever! If he does read blogs he puts it off to “dribble from fanatics (no pun intended)” Our intelligence is lost on this man, I’m afraid! Look if I was a top level associate of a company that just reported to have lost 3 mil us I would propably be out looking for a job. I know CVC owns it so can’t they have say over it?

  14. I am sure it is only Mad Max’s growing meglomania that causes him to read the blogs as he says.

    I, for one, doubt that he actually reads anything said about him. He just wants to see how many hits he gets off Google.

  15. I suspect Mosely only reads the blogs to find new people to try and sue :-D

  16. Gah! Don’t say that!

  17. Imagine if in his meglomania he does have a counter on his wikepedia space. Some how it would not surprise me. Keith, feel safe, our dislike for Max is in written form only and I have yet to read something that is a complete falsehood.

  18. I suppose Max might be vain enough to google his own name. ;)

    While he’s at it, he should show his friend Bernie just how wonderful this internet thing is, and how it can be used to bring the sport of F1 to the fans in new and exciting ways! I’d forgive Max of almost anything if he could somehow do that.

  19. Number 3 in Australia!

  20. I think it’s hilarious that people pop up that would love to meet “the great man” now that there is a possiblity that he might actually read this. Don’t think he has much time to discuss things with fanatics as it usually ends up being quite a one sided affair of either sucking up in all squirming ways imaginable or just contradicting everything he would say for the sake of it plus most importantly being a waste of time.
    Max is just too outspoken for his position, it doesn’t matter if you are a head of state, CEO of a big corporation or boss of the FIA, the job is much easier if you say what the people want to hear. In many cases it is also smarter to say what the people want to hear but it seems that he might enjoy getting some stick for the sake of it. Somewhat masochistic, but if he’s into it…
    He’s got the part about his family right, though, they got some flak and bloody well deserved it! I guess using the word “flak” is also quite funny as his father supported the guys that used the flak against the Allied Forces ;-)

  21. One more thing, this supposed listing of good things that he has done has got me rolling on the floor with laughter now! Why, you ask? It reminds me of the scene in “Life of Brian” where they ask what the Romans have ever given in return:

  22. I’ve been searching for pro-Mosely blogs today. I had to go to the 23rd hit on the list before finding one that actually supported Max’s position on anything. Two of the preceding hits were F1 Fanatic, and there were eight hits that featured either the original commenter or the subsequent commenters criticising Max…

  23. Some how I new you would take the time to research this Alianora, how long did it take?

  24. So far, one hour, with a civilised break for lunch. The clock’s still ticking though, because I haven’t finished writing the blog entry to give my results in full.

    Incidentally, I searched his last quote – “F1 cannot divorce itself from the zeitgeist” – and this page is already 2nd in the search engine list (and the first blog).

  25. Interestingly, the Wikipedia has this to say about the word “zeitgeist”:

    “In German, the word has more layers of meaning than the English translation, including the fact that Zeitgeist can only be observed for past events.”

    So Max is basically saying that F1 must be tied to the past rather than prepare itself for the future. What he really means, of course, is that the sport must adjust itself to whatever fad happens to be flavour of the month.

    Yes, Max, you infuriate us – and with good reason.

  26. I think Max was simply abusing the word, based on the fact that the majority of bloggers are anti-Max, yet he stays on as President of the FIA.

  27. Reposted from F1insight:

    I joined F1 fandom when Niki Lauda returned to racing, and being a teenager and having little knowledge of or access to European F1 magazines, I missed the political struggles of the era. I have since read my history, and I thank all of the posters for sharing their vast knowledge with us.

    Clearly then, my focus on the current political situation is seen through the lense of what I was able to follow as it happened, first through magazines, then through the wonderful web.

    I honestly feel that Mosely’s chief accomplishments were ending the internecine fighting under Balestre, and road and track safety, full stop. His meddling in regulations seems completely out of step with what his mandate should be. I will avoid obvious references to his father’s politics, but Max clearly marches to his won drum, and perhaps that is fitting as the CEO of his own company, but the head of a quasi-political organization, a certain diplomacy and equanimity is required. These are clearly lacking in our peerless bleeder.

    In my non-F1 life, without defining it absolutely, I have a background with training in, and knowledge of, psychology and it’s related fields. It is generally considered that a certain percentage (4-10%) of the population are considered to be sociopathic/psychopathic, and studies have shown that both the corporate and political world attract a much higher proportion of these types of personalities. Symptoms include ( I am quoting source) a glibness and superficial charm; grandiose sense of self; pathological lying; lack of remorse, shame, guilt; shallow emotions; callousness, lack of empathy; lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle; etc.

    I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide. I know where I stand.

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