Poll results: NASCAR vs F1

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Last week I asked how many of you watch NASCAR as well as Formula 1.

I also watched the Daytona 500 and suggested some things F1 can learn from NASCAR.

Here are the results of the poll:

Poll results: NASCAR vs F1

OK so most of you don’t but over a fifth of F1 fans here also keep an eye on NASCAR. I wouldn’t have though it was that many, and I wonder what the figure might look like in 12 months’ time?

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  • 20 comments on “Poll results: NASCAR vs F1”

    1. I watched the Auto Club 500 today, and it certainly interested me more than the Daytona 500. Felt a bit less artifical because drivers were actually able to pull away from the pack and build up a lead (small leads, admittedly, in F1 terms, but not quite the ridiculous 30 cars side by side for the whole race of Daytona).

      But again I ask, who is coming to F1fanatic and voting in polls that say they don’t watch F1? I don’t really understand.

    2. I don’t know but perhaps some old Vote 2000 jokes would work here: The ballot was confusing? Hanging chads? Right-wing conspiracy?

    3. I want to know who the two people are that dont watch F1 but visit F1 Fanatic…

    4. “Accuracy: +/- 2 votes” ;)

    5. TommyBellingham
      25th February 2008, 21:59

      I watched Auto Club 500 wasnt very good. Very annoying i stayed up to find out the race was going to be the day after too :(

    6. Perhaps the people voting that they don’t tune in for F1 are just messing around by trying to stir up the conversation we’re all having about that voting choice. That would be an unfortunate misuse of the poll, but it happens with narly every electronic survey- that’s one of the lessons I learned firsthand in the dreaded research methods class I was required to take last semester.

      I’ll be tuning in for the early-season races in NASCAR, mostly because F1 will air in the morning here for the most part and other sports over here are slim at that time of the year- baseball won’t be in swing until April,and the NFL offseason is so darn long!!There may be some good races in the mix on the NASCAR slate, so I would advise keeping an eye on the sport from time to time.

    7. having here people voting for ” I watch NASCAR but not F1″ has about the same reasons I had people voting for Button to be 2008 F1 champion :-) .

    8. I think that NASCAR road races are actually more exciting than F1 races, the problem is there are only 2 races a year (possibly 3 per series). The cars are so much heavier and evenly matched that the smallest mistake can cost you big. These cars seem almost impossible to drive at Walkin Glen that the good road racers tend to rise to the top.

      There are probably about 15 drivers that would have stayed in open wheel series and been mildly successful if the money wasnt so much better in stock cars. Heres to a spin off road racing series using the same overwieght cars (thats not in Asia).

    9. I actually think I voted “don’t watch either”, but it’s been a while, and my memory’s not so good anymore … Basically, it is true that i don’t watch, and here’s why. I quitwhen it became the Schumi/Ferrari show, and as great as he is, it just became boring. I don’t get the channel that shows GPs, so that’s made it easy, but I’ll admit that I watch youtube highlights. This addiction to Formula One that I’ve had for over 30 years, is hard to shake. I don’t want to sound like one of those old nutters that always says things were better in the old days, but the sport continues to go in the wrong direction. Looking at better promoted sports (like NASCAR), some common sense and more creative technical freedoms would help, but I’m not holding my breath.

    10. I am from a rural area in the United States and don’t watch NASCAR. I follow F1 every race weekend and attend a couple of F1 races every year, but NASCAR? I just can’t get excited about watching a bunch of rednecks drive in circles and bump into each other, rather watch grass grow or paint dry.

    11. i think f1 is the #1 motorsports in the world but nascar is an all out very competitive circuit i like f1 its very fast and amazing but nascar has caught the eyes of americans to be the second sport next to nfl so in the next 5 years ill be the #1 sport in america so is quickly growing strong i love nascar and like f1 fierce competition nascar cant be ignored

    12. Given that GP2 and F1 have similar rules…..
      Given that ALL F1 teams have the SAME rules…

      You get GP2 teams with INSTANT drive throughs
      for the SAME if not LESSER infractions than FERRARI
      that get’s a monetary penalty AFTER the race…
      While Hamilton, also after the race, is
      DISQUALIFIED….. Question is .. just HOW FAR UP THE
      FIA’S ASS IS FERRARI? Or vice versa if you like!

      McLaren was caught and HEAVILY PENALIZED for what
      LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I suggest ANYONE that knows anything to the contrary
      to POST IT HERE!

      BTW…. NASCAR SUCKS….. :)

    13. ahhh… crap…. I’m infusing F1 with AMA SBK…..
      HARDLY NASCAR!!!!!
      Instead of “DISQUALIFIED”, I meant 25 second penalty…
      FUNNY though….

    14. ……. and it’s getting sad…… REAL SAD
      But Bernie likes it rough ehh?

    15. I think your results are biased … I mean, your website is F1fanatic.co.uk … How many NASCAR fans do you really think would look at this site based on the name?

      NASCAR Rules!

    16. The question was how many F1 fans watch nascar. This is an F1 website Mark go and complete polls on Nascar fanatic.com if it exists. What are people doing on this site if they don’t watch and love F1??????

    17. Ok, so this is a F1 website, I get it. But then, why even ask how many people like NASCAR alone (when there is a seperate question asking how many people like F1 and NASCAR)?

    18. NASCAR alone = I watch NASCAR, but not F1

    19. It’s a choice of interest. Both F1 and NASCAR are different events and the experience and charm to watch both is totally different. But I always watch NASCAR as it have more glamor with cars then F1.

    20. It’s all about the thrill and fun which both games provide us, I generally watch f1, but never denied to go for nascar both have quality races, that I like most.

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