Video: F1 testing at Barcelona (part 6)

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I always find the closer a new season gets, the more sharply I feel the pangs of withdrawal. Happily these days we have Youtube, and the wonderful people who go along to the F1 tests and film them, which keeps me going…

Here’s some footage of Michael Schumacher testing on Monday alongside Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari. Most of the other 2008 contenders were present at one of the last major tests before the new season gets under way.

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Photo copyright: Ferrari S.p.A.

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7 comments on “Video: F1 testing at Barcelona (part 6)”

  1. I can’t believe I am going to say this… I miss Michael Schumacher.

  2. I’d rather see him in the car at Melbourne than Massa.

  3. I agree. Not only that but I would love to see him play his head games and rattle the cage of Hamilton a little bit in his calm, deliberate sort of way (like he used to do to Damon Hill, Alonso, ect…)

  4. Schumi & The Kimster in the two red cars.I am sure we would all love to see a season of that!

  5. “Happily these days we have Youtube, and the wonderful people who go along to the F1 tests and film them, which keeps me going…”

    yep, unfortunately we have to rely on these wonderful people … why this can’t be officialy produced by FOM in nice quality and made available even if for some “normal” fee is beyond me …

    Back to subject – Kimi and Schumi in one team – I think Kimi would not mind at all. He would keep doing his job – sit in the car and go. I do not think Schumi would be happy about that. It is more likely that reason for Schumi’s retirement was the fact that he would have Kimi next to him, not that Massa would loose his seat …

  6. Why on earth would Schumi be afraid of Kimi.He has achieved it all and Kimi would never,ever,get close to that.I really hope that Michael would return coz besides the dramas of last year, F1 has become very mundane.

  7. After last testing seems like MCL is very close to the path of Ferrari, maybe we’ll have some batle after all. Renault is the dissapointment (you could expect that after last season but they have also started working on the R28 very early…) with a difference of around 1 sec in long stints and serious difficulties to make a fast qualification time. Also I was expecting BMW to make a step forward but at the moment it seems like they can not match the favourites’ path.

    Re Schumacher, wouldn’t be great to have three champions plus some future ones on the starting grid??

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