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Here’s some of my favourite picks from the F1 blogs this week including an excellent video showing the detail changes Ferrari have made to their front wing in time for the first race at Melbourne.

Plus Michael Schumacher gets back in an F1 car, rumours about Ron Dennis, and a Ferrari that’s good enough to eat.

Sawtooth nolders – Excellent video showing the sheer amount of detail involved in modern F1 aerodynamics.

Schumacher shuts the door on MotoGP rumours – The ex-Ferrari driver denies a rumoured switch to motorcycle racing.

Chocolate Ferrari – Mmm…Ferrari.

Media hypes speculation on ‘Dennis firing’ – Some were quick to reports rumours of Ron Dennis’s dismissal from McLaren as fact.

Alonso speaks out on racism – But some were underwhelmed by the Renault driver’s response.

2007 Formula 1 circuit guide – No, it doesn’t have this year’s new tracks, but this excellent tool shows what you can do with Yahoo maps, Flickr, Youtube and a little ingenuity. Very clever. (Thanks to Rahul for the tip).

Battle of the F1 Podcasts – Which is your favourite F1 podcast? I enjoy Formula1blog and Sidepodcast, although I’ve only been a guest on the latter

Watch your back, DC – Are Red Bull lining up Sebastian Vettel to take David Coulthard’s place? Sidey think so.

Times Formula One blog nominated for top award – Congratulations and good luck to Ed Gorman whose excellent F1 blog is short-listed for an award.

Superleague Formula? No thanks – New motor racing meets football series due to d??but this year. (This is a post written by me on Maximum Motorsport).

Did Michael Schumacher quit F1 too soon? – Michael Schumacher goes F1 testing once again – but did he have an eighth title in him? (This is a post written by me on the Auto Trader Blog).

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  1. Nico Savidge
    1st March 2008, 9:27

    AS for podcasts, I like F1 Rejects or Gareth Jones on Speed when I want a good laugh, but BBC “Checkered Flag” for the insights

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