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Great to see The Times’s excellent Formula 1 blog back in time for the new season. Renault also have their official blog up and running in time for Melbourne and have previewed the first race.

F1 Insight’s post on KERS clearly struck a chord this week and garnered a lot of comments. Meanwhile the similarly first-rate BlogF1 looked at the proposed changes to Silverstone.

Everyone’s got a soft spot for Williams these days and the IHT F1 blog gave an insight why – Frank Williams loves F1 as much as we all do.

F1 Blog have the latest edition of their Grid Bids game open. And on the Auto Trader blog this week I asked can Lewis Hamilton win the 2008 F1 championship?

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4 comments on “F1 blogs review – 2008 is on”

  1. fyi: none of my business, but i’m really not a fan of the new stylee ‘f1 in the blogs’.

    can see what you’re doing, but it’s harder to read. i did prefer the old list.

  2. I actually quite like it. There are fewer sites listed (don’t know if that was intentional or just the way it is this week), but fewer sites makes it easier to read. Although I have absolutely no idea what "flirt-rate" means. Do people have to give me a quid every time they wink in my sites direction?

  3. ‘Flirt rate’ is definitely my best typo ever – I was tempted not to fix it but I thought I should. I’ll take your points about the style Sidey and have a think about it for next time.

  4. i’m probably completely wrong anyways, but i just liked the convenience of a list.

    very quickly i could pick out sites i’d already read, and things that were worth looking into. now i have to think about it a bit more.

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