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Just a quick clip to whet your appetite…

The weather’s set to be good but I thought it was odd this local news team didn’t ask about the ongoing story concerning the future of the Australian Grand Prix. Apparently the race organisers have offered to move the start time even further back next year. This year’s race starts at 4:30am British time.

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  • 6 comments on “Video: Australian GP preparations”

    1. Hm… can’t wait, will be down under Thursday morning :-)

    2. I cant wait twitching all over waiting for the weekend.."WHEN THE FIVE LIGHTS GO OUT,THE AUSTRALIAN GP IS GO!!!!"..
      by the way the Qatar moto GP under lights was pretty cool too..

    3. Must be the US audience really doesn’t matter at all.  Used to be the Aus. GP started at a ‘convenient’ (by F1 terms) time on the east coast here (11pm), and even ‘prime time’ 8pm on the west coast (compare with the typical 2-6am races we have)…. making it one of the easiest races to watch (other than Brazilian GP and the two north american GP’s).  Now it’s moved to 12:30am east coast, with talks of even being at 2am east coast next year.

    4. I have to admit, Scootin159, that I don’t much understand Bernie’s desire to change the start times of F1 races to suit the European markets. Yes, he’ll get more viewers for the live racing but certainly in the UK the race tends to be re-run anyway at a more social hour for those who want to watch but also value their sleep.

      Bernie’s always raving about how the circus is a ‘world’ championship as his justification to going to more diverse countries and threatening classic races like the British and French GPs. So why then turn round and tailor everything towards a European audience (ye$, I do know the real rea$on$ why).

      Like I imagine most of the UK visitors to this site, I’ll be getting up at stupid o’clock on Sunday morning to watch the race and that’s mainly because I think it’s worth doing so (especially considering the long winter). These early hour races have their advantages; I’m under no threat to be dragged to a garden centre by the Mrs at 3am!!

    5. I really enjoy the early morning/late night races, there’s just something special about knowing there’s only you up…  (at least in my household) and you don’t have to argue about the fact you’re hogging the TV and the computer…. 

      Like Cooperman, someone (hubby in my case)  is going to find me something more important to do on a Sunday afternoon… and I normally end up getting annoyed as I have to avoid the internet so as not to see the result before I can watch ITV’s useless highlights!

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