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“Hamilton’s ego got the better of him” – Briatore – Flavio Briatore on Lewis Hamilton: “You need to respect these people behind you – and not only your ego.”

Super Aguri confirms new partner and drivers for 2008 season – The sums of money involved have not been declared but Anthony Davidson and Takuma Sato have been retained. Now let’s see if they can pull off some of their trademark heroics in Melbourne.

More problems for Honda – Pitpass claims the RA108 has not passed its crash test.

ITV-F1 gets a redesign – But is it better than F1 Fanatic’s?

Family affair sees Nelsinho take the stage – Perhaps taking a leaf out of Briatore’s book, Nelson Piquet Jnr diagnoses McLaren’s problems in 2007: “Fernando had a crazy team boss last year who made crazy decisions, and we have a much more settled guy.”

F1 2008 – Where they stand – Mark Hughes reckons Kimi Raikkonen is becoming number one at Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton will be under pressure from Heikki Kovalainen, and Robert Kubica will be ahead of Nick Heidfeld this year.

Blundell’s view – Australian GP part one – Mark Blundell tips Felipe Massa for the title.

F1’s winter championship, reloaded – A semi-serious attempt at using the winter testing times to predict who’ll be champion.

Ecclestone keen to see Korean involvement – With South Korea to join the F1 calendar in 2010, Bernie Ecclestone wants one of their three car manufacturers (Kia, Hyundai and Daewoo) to start an F1 team.

Reverse F1 grids – Williams boss – A rubbish, gimmicky idea at making racing better in F1 from Patrick Head. I remember a good few years ago it was Head who suggested having chicanes that drivers could bypass a few times per race to allow changes of position. This is just as bad an idea as that.

Dennis ready to take a new direction – The Ron Dennis career obituaries are starting. The Independent also interview him.

Michelin exit still hurts Alonso – According to Robert Kubica. I think that excuse has worn thin 12 months after their departure.

Alonso aims for Melbourne surprise – But admits the teams hopes are pinned on it raining. In which case the weather forecast for sun and 30C air temperature will disappoint him.

Silverstone urges fans to book early – British Grand Prix tickets selling quickly as Lewis Hamilton boosts interest in F1.

Takuma Sato signed up as UK-Japan goodwill ambassador – The Japanese driver raced in British Formula 3 and has always driven for British-based F1 teams.

The winning formula for Kimi Raikkonen – Ed Gorman’s interview with the world champion which he also mentioned in his blog. Of his encounter with Lewis Hamilton in qualifying at Brazil last year Raikkonen says: “Lewis could have made it a bit more easier but it’s difficult to say if it was fair or not. But it’s not going to change so I am only wasting my time and energy if I start trying to make a big thing out of it.”

Lewis: I won’t flash the cash – With a headline like that it can only be The Sun.

With the F1 season coming up soon I’m doing the news round-ups a bit more frequently. And the old post format is back by popular demand…

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9 comments on “F1 news review: Lewis Hamilton’s ego”

  1. “And the old post format is back by popular demand…”
    ahh. cheers :)

  2. “Hamilton’s ego got the better of him” – Briatore
    It´s funny how some guys wants Lewis under a constant pressure… I think Flav must to take care of Nelson and Fernando. If Fernando blackmail him, he for sure would fired him exactly in that moment and never put him in competitive again car as Ron did… Anyway, this pressure shows how some guys have some worries about Lewis…

  3. Nelsinho is but a little boy, yet he shows disrespect for someone who has achieved so much in F1. Has he worked with Mclaren that he can now call Ron, "crazy team boss"?

    Until he scores his first points, he should just keep his mouth shut.

  4. pit babes – the itv site – well if I was about 40years younger and didnt know about Fi fanatic – I might be impressed with the colours and pictures – Ahheemm!! – but no I think our(sorry youre) site is more for the honest enthusiast who has followed the up’s and down’s (how far down can it get?) – of F1 and well we can have our friendly/heated discussions without the trimmings – decent interviews and daily updates are what you provide Keith – big space for rent at the side though

  5. The Flav-sta only repeated what many said during last seasons McLaren driver’s struggles. I consider it a back handed swipe at Ron, who has announced he isn’t quitting the team.

    If it wasn’t for guys like Flav guys like me wouldn’t have anyone to laugh at! But the old dog knows how to run a team, can’t take that away from him.

  6. I reckon Flav’s words are addressed to Nelshinho. 
    Becken said:If Fernando blackmail him, he for sure would fired him exactly in that moment and never put him in competitive again car as Ron did… well we don’t know what exactly happened inside the MCL last year. What we know for sure is that one driver publically challenged Ron in Hungary and he was not fired, I would say he was even promoted.

  7. Toncho,   Yes, we really don’t know what happened… So, I prefer this side of the story, is much more realistic:   https://www.racefans.net/2008/02/04/was-dennis-to-blame-in-mclarens-hungary-row/

  8. We can discuss about the wording as we didn’t hear them but is quite obvious that LH  challenged RD and FA was punished as a result. Don’t take my word, take his: http://www.duemotori.com/news/f1/15939_Hungaroring_Lewis_Hamilton_says_sorry_for_Hungarian_goulash.php
    No matter what they have said afterwards, it’s clear that the whole team was angry with him after Q3. Everything after has been another public relations statement. Anyway, I know this is an old issue, so let’s forget it and focus on this season. Furthermore I am getting tired of defending  FA in british blogs and LH in the spanish ones ;-) Night

  9. theRoswellite
    13th March 2008, 4:09

    Tonchos right………………………………let’s turn out the lights on the most unsavory moments in last years season, certainly mistakes were made by all, on and off track, so……. goodnight Lewis, goodnight Alonso………………….good morning to a new year.

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