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Dennis insists he will not quit – Ron Dennis refutes rumours about his future saying he will not step down from McLaren. He apparently held a meeting with the team staff to tell them before flying out to Melbourne. More here.

Late start won’t save GP says Ecclestone – The Australian Grand Prix organisers offered Ecclestone a compromise on his demand that the race be held at night, but ‘compromise’ has never been in Ecclestone’s vocabulary (just ask Tony George). There is public opposition to the night race on grounds of expense and pollution.

Sean Kelly’s F1 preview – Stats preview of the 2008 F1 season.

Ecclestone has little McLaren sympathy – Bernie Ecclestone questions whether Ron Dennis’s claim Fernando Alonso tried to blackmail the team last year is true.

No spy story effects, McLaren tester says – Pedro de la Rosa sayd: “Now I hardly ever send emails. I prefer much more to discuss things face to face.”

Champion Kimi warns Lewis he has the thirst to be first again – Kimi Raikkonen in ‘interesting quote’ shock: “Anyone who thinks I’m now happy and satisfied is mistaken. It has never been fun to drive for a fifth or sixth place. I’m here to win.”

IHT F1 season preview – A very comprehensive review with thoughts from Joe Saward, Brad Spurgeon and other top international F1 correspondents.

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