New name and colours for Super Aguri

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According to Autosport the new owners of Super Aguri are planning to give the team a new name and colour scheme in time for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The team have secured backing from the Magma Group which is funded by the Dubai government. We’ve already got Force India on the grid -will Team Dubai be next? How about a Dubai Grand Prix?

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7 comments on “New name and colours for Super Aguri”

  1. Robert McKay
    13th March 2008, 9:36

    Keep the name, change the colours! Don’t go mostly white, there’s going to be too much of that already on the grid!

  2. I would go for Super Sato :-)

    they could simply replace white with black

  3. Fine, change the colours. But don’t change the name!
    Super Aguri should stay in Formula One! I was annoyed when Jordan left the grid, I don’t want another great team to fall…

  4. TommyBellingham
    13th March 2008, 13:28

    Change the colours definately. Hopefully to something a bit different.

  5. TommyBellingham
    13th March 2008, 13:33

    How about a design your own Dubai GP car section :P

  6. I hope they can chage the performance as well along with the name and car looks…

  7. Changing the name would get rid of all the magic Super Aguri-ness so don’t do it!

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